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We purchased this unit March 2016 and have had problems since.... The dealer we bought it from didn't seem very concerned since they already made the sale. Couldn't even get the sales person that sold it to us to help find someone to help with repairs. We took it to the coast for the weekend it started raining and water began running out through the rear A/C unit intake vents. I used the Keystone website to find a authorized service center near... Read more

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Keystone Rv - Unhappy customers!
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Having purchased our first Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel (with having numerous other camper purchases)...I have to say get have the worst possible customer service possible giving us the run around and telling us it was built by design and will not be covered by Keystone. If we wish to modify it, it would be on our own dime. Huge design flaw in their drain valves--Who wants to crawl 3 1/2 feet under their camper at the dump station to pull the... Read more

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The sun will very soon destroy the pleather on the booth. Floor squeeks in the kitchen everywhere. Hot in the kitchen and the kitchen is to big. You shut the shade and then no need for a window. Bathroom is to small you cannot sit on stool if the door is open no room you cannot see in the mirror in bathroom. Cabinet is also to high cannot reach. If the bathroom door is open no room in hall. Bedroom is where you cannot get in the bed. No... Read more

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Re 2009 Cougar rls 26 ft Issues Replace a/c unit Repair roof several times Decals peeled removed them Black water gate valve broke Relaced linoleum Lifted and cracked Corner cabinet under tv cracked and top lifted Cover strips on ceiling fell off had to nail and glue back on I THINK KEYSTONE MAKES A PIECE OF *** AND THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS Add comment

My name is Alan Skipper and i am sure buying this r.v new was worse mistake of my life the quality is not existing one problem after another very disappointed Add comment

I have a Keystone Copper Canyon less than 10 years old.The company says delamination was due to leaks. I had it taken apart, no leaks inside and the insulation is all dry. The skin is bubbling off of the cheap cardboard which has no water stains on it.Keystone would not respond. When I finally spoke to someone, Keystone wouldn't admit to bad workmanship and isn't willing to help. I'm considering a class action suit. Read more

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Faded End Caps.......Same problem here as lots and lots of others i am finding and reading about. The end cap of our camper is FADED.We are So sick that a Camper , thats 2.5 yrs old. And was that expensive,and was told it was top end quality . now Appears to be 15 yrs old by looking at the front of the camper. And keystone has...Declined... To do anything at all about it. LIVE & LEARN !! Very dissappointed. To look this bad in only 2.5 yrs... Read more

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we bought this unit 6/30/2015 when we had the tour the back air conditioner made a horrible noise and camping world told my husband and I that it was because it was new but when we got it to the campground you couldn't even here the tv.I called camping world back 0n 7/3/16 the air conditioner and the mother board have been fixed x3 that was in the summer time no airconditioner then in the winter time the furnace didn't work furnace was replaced... Read more

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Same problem with my Outback Terrain 299T. Bought in May 2013, and fading started in less than 2 years. Keystone accepted no responsibility, even though there are many faded rigs on the road with the Outback decal on the front cap. I can only conclude that Keystone doesn't care. I've been to Keystone twice, the dealer (not much help - Camping World), had a short published in Trailer Life along with others concerning the issue, but no results.... Read more

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Keystone Rv - Review in Dealers category from Amarillo, Texas
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Have same problem. Was just looking online to see want warranty was on camper decals and found this! Pretty sad when a 2010 Keystone Passport looks like a 1985 model do to poor quality of dacals. Same ol ***. Shatty work and no backing. All about the final sale then go on to the next costumer to screw. They should want their product to represent looking good. Of course looks better in pic than in person Read more

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