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6 weeks age we purchased a 2017 cougar 30' 5th wheel at Bretz RV in Montana. After getting it home and trying to get it ready for the first outing,i couldnt help but notice so many issues that needed repaired. The main problems that kept us stranded at home were the water pump was messed up and the toilet wouldnt hold water. Needless to say the nearest dealer is Bretz RV, 200 miles away, so i repaired the main problems to the best i... Read more

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One of the many that bought a 2015 passport with several leaks. Poor quality and pathetic workmanship goes into building your rvs.

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When replacing my carpet I discovered that both slide out floors had extensive rot damage. Poor design lets the rainwater flow under your slide out and cause extensive damage. A 4000 dollar project, I called Keystone to get some measurements on the floor. I didn't even ask them to do the repairs or compensate me, I just wanted to know the dimensions of the floor so I could fix it myself. They refused to give them to me. To them, I should bring... Read more

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I bought a 2016 Keystone Sprinter 319MKS, I paid cash and it was purchased June 2016 from Holiday World in Mesquite, TX. Im sure you do not have alot of people that pay cash for a RV. Im really disappointed because I did pay cash, and wasnt offered anything for doing so. They could of thrown in a extended warranty or that spray for the outside to protect from weather conditions. Really disappointed. Also this is my home. I live in our RV and I... Read more

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We bought a Keystone Outback 316RL In June of 2015. We had this unit for almost a year when we noticed the floor going soft. Took it to the repair dealer and they found that Keystone factory forgot to put in a cross member in the frame. they caught their mistake wielded in a cross member that did not come up against the floor leaving a 2 to 4 inch gap and with use the floor started to sag. Want to repair it by having the owner remove all their... Read more

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Had a 2010Montana I had issues with and orangewood Rv did not fix but lost breaker cover they never replaced and now have 2015 cougar xtra lite and original tires lasted about six months so I put new load range E tires on it and with about 10,000 miles eating inside of rear tires, makes you wonder where they buy their junk and how many meatheads it takes to assemble them.

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i notice there r no resolved issues on this page...does keystone even read them? i bought mine from metra rv in billings...i used it three times 1st time the heater quit workin...metra fixed it under warranty...2nd they had to put in more equipment to make it able to the third trip n the gas on the fridge wont i guess u have to drive ur rv to the sale place before each trip...not worth a brand spankin new price ..on... Read more

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Keystone Rv - Keystone Laredo 294RK Front Cap Faded
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I own a 2014 Keystone Laredo 294RK. The front cap has faded and looks terrible, I was advise of Keystone to contacted a local Keystone dealer/service center to have it evaluated. I brought the RV into United RV in Fort Worth Texas, they said Keystone was well aware of the problem and Keystone has repaired units with similar issues in the past (Even units older than mine) and it shouldn't be a problem getting it repaired by Keystone. Well that... Read more

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2014 Keystone Rv Fuzion 390 Rv Review from Modesto, California
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The quality is Junk! Craftsmanship is the worst, the dealership/manufacture relationship is terrible, dealerships do not want to fix anything and ive been to 6 different dealerships. The owners manuals are vague and uninforming to say the least. I will send a couple pictures of the quality. See the trash and wood shavings behind the wall? Luckily im a mechanic and can fix a lot of the items. On a Wednesday at 10:00am pacific time i called... Read more

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Keystone Rv Rv Repair Review from Orangevale, California
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Fix completed see pics attached Read more

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