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Bought a 2018 keystone fusion 427 (tri axle fifth wheel toy hauler) at the Tampa RV show from General RV in January 2018. They had a 'brand new one' shipped from Indiana for us so we waited a couple of weeks for delivery (they had to do inspections and setup for delivery day.

We picked it up on 2/10/18, brought it home and on 2/17/18, my husband was climbing the side ladder (attached to RV) to the roof to install roof vent MaxxAir covers and one side of the ladder pulled away from the trailer, so he jumped off and got hurt. Upon closer inspection, there were screws MISSING from the ladder where it was supposed to be attached to the RV and when he attempted to put the ones that pulled out back in, they wouldn't stay in because they were only screwed into that thin plywood.... there was no bracing, extra support, metal or anything..... It was just screwed into that thin flimsy wood (and the fiberglass side of the rv).

OK, so we still haven't even used the rig yet (have vacation planned for next week) and we were putting linens, etc on the top bed in the garage of the toyhauler and when we hit the button to raise the beds in the garage, NOTHING happens.... now we can't get the beds back up to the ceiling so we can load our "toys" into the garage.... (yes, we can manually remove the bed brake and use 2 rachet wrenches to manually raise the bed, but we PAID for an AUTOMATIC bed lift).... REALLY?

looking on utube I see this vide by Keystone basically BRAGGING about all the quality checks their RV's go through before they leave the manufacturing plant.... Was ours just a fluke and got overlooked? I'm soooo disappointed with this toyhauler and we haven't even used it yet.... haven't made the first payment and I'm about to take it back to General RV and tell them where they can put it....

When I called about the ladder fiasco, they said "bring it in, it's covered under warranty". You sold me an unsafe rig and now I'm supposed to spend my gas $ driving it back to YOU so you can fix it? Hey buddy, how about sending someone to my house to fix it.....

or better yet, how bout sending someone to pick the piece of Sh#! up and send it back to Keystone.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2018 Keystone Rv Fuzion 427 Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I Just bought the same 5th Fuzion 427. I'll lookout for the ladder issue and see if mines bolted into something better.

Haven't used it yet. Our back beds do go up and down ok so far.

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