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I have a Keystone Copper Canyon less than 10 years old.The company says delamination was due to leaks. I had it taken apart, no leaks inside and the insulation is all dry.

The skin is bubbling off of the cheap cardboard which has no water stains on it.Keystone would not respond.

When I finally spoke to someone, Keystone wouldn't admit to bad workmanship and isn't willing to help. I'm considering a class action suit.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2007 Keystone Rv Copper Canyon 2491rks Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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ours is doing the samething

Concord, California, United States #1245297

Same issues as everyone else! Front, sides and now rear delamination. What a crappy company and product!

Concord, California, United States #1245296

We too have a 2007 Keystone Copper Canyon with the same delamination. Has been an issue for years.

We keep our unit sealed and maintained. Our shop says the glue has separated from the cardboard and thus the problem is not do to anything we have done or didn't do but to poor design and manufactures choice of material and workmanship. I can not understand how any company would want its NAME on a crappy looking product that is running all over the roads in the USA. People say to us "we would never bu that product"!

Keystone is loosing money through the loss of future customers. I love to join on a class action suit.

P/S every copper canyon like ours that I've seen on the road has the same problem of delamination. jhrellar@pacbell.net

to jody #1592231

im in on the suit let me know timjoan995@yahoo.com

Vacaville, California, United States #1236042

Ours is doing same thing, what do we do? We bought it from original owner in January of this year and no bubbles, now rear, front, and slide are bubbling, tried to resale it and can't because of this

Vacaville, California, United States #1235671

As posted ours is doin the same thing, it's sickening, what do we do? We have had many rvs and nothing like this has ever happened

to Bubbles2007 #1592228

our is doing same thing i m from ohio cant sell it so what do u do

Vacaville, California, United States #1235667

We also have 2007 2491, we bought from second owner and with in months rear panel started bubbling and now it is going lower down latter side, there is a new spot on slide and front of trailer is looking bad on top, there are no leaks anywhere, we don't know what to do or who to call, the rest of trailer is perfect so what now? Any help?

Lake Worth, Florida, United States #1186398

I have the same issue. I have seen many Keystone CC TT's with this issue!

Vacaville, California, United States #1183526

We have 2007 2491 model and since our last trip a month ago the rear panel by roof ladder and the other side have bubbled out, it looks like ***! Ther are no leaks in trailer at all, any ideas how to fix it?


We have a 2007 copper canyon fifth wheel. Front is doing the same thing.

In addition, the fiberglass side was not properly glued on and on a recent trip the front side ripped off to the window. I'd say faulty workmanship.

Calling camping world where we bought it in 2008 but I'm pretty sure I'm on my own on this.


I have the exact same issues on my 2011. The front end material, what I thought was fiberglass is raised and has created peaks all the way across the curve just in front of the rubber roof.

My main concern is that you can tell this material has holes along the peak....where water is soon to find.

What did you do to get it corrected? Thanks.

Zephyrhills, Florida, United States #1163116

Have a 2009 Keystone Sprinter, doing same thing, I'm with you on suit. Camping World near Tampa, Fla said it is ugly, if no leaks,leave that way.

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