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Look at the attached pic. How embarrassing and it has Keystone's name on the front of the cap for negative advertising.

Keystone won't replace the cap because they say it is out of warranty. This is the second cap that has been replaced on the trailer. The first cap had cracks all over it. It is obviously a manufacturing defect and it won't buff out.

Many complaints on the internet about the same problem. I look at many trailers being pulled down the road. The only ones I see with fading front caps are the ones that look at least 10 years old and they don't look as bad as mine.

Feel free to call me at (806) 679-8414 and I'll tell you why I won't ever buy another Keystone product again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keystone Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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to tired #1001710

Dear "tired". I am not sure if you own a Keystone RV or have one that has been affected by this but my 2013 Laredo is having the same problem.

I noticed it just after my 1 yr. warranty was up. What I have read and what the dealer I purchased it from told me is it's a defective clear coat that was put on and that is causing the fading and Keystone knows. Yes I agree with you on waxing it but IF YOU READ on what is causing it you will see that waxing does not stop this.

And this is not my first RV that I have owned but the first that this happened too. And today I was told by Keystone customer service that "this would be considered environmental. The 1 yr. warranty has expired on your unit, therefor would not be covered".

No question on whether it was ever under cover, waxed, in the shade, nothing. So do some research before you comment as this is going to be extremely costly for those of us who are out of the 1 yr.

warranty. But thanks for your opinion.

to Anonymous #1009703

They told us the same thing on our 2013 Laredo. Our front end looks so bad.

The front top is so faded out! And we clean and wax every 3-6 months. It just started fading within the last 9 months We also keep it under a covered storage space when not in use. We are going to have to re-paint at on our own expense and fix it.

Shame on Keystone!!!

We will just repaint to a white color. But we will not put Keystone's back name on there, since they can't stand behind their own brand.

to Anonymous #1044382

Maybe a class action lawsuit will provide a reality check. Great idea to paint it a different color and remove the free advertising. I'm in.

to tired Tracy, California, United States #1210897

I bought a 2015 26.9 rear living pull trailer. Thank heavens it does not have a Fiberglas or plastic front or end cap.

We use the trailer 1 to two times a month. It has been back to be repaired after every trip but one. The build quality is a joke. I even had the inside tv amplifier and connection fall out as they cut the hole to large and only one screw would hit wood.

When I looked at the wiring none had been trimmed and were shorting out and blowing fuses. Just about every inside door has fallen off on our trips. The list goes on and on. The dealership finally told me to get the piece of *** out of his shop and not come back.

Of course Keystone said they had no control over the dealerships.

The things out of warrantee now and I am fixing things right. Last Keystone I will ever buy and I tell everyone I see about what a piece it is.

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