2015 Keystone Rv Outback Rv Reviews

Wow! I wish we would have read reviews for McGeorges before we bought our travel trailer that we can't get them to replace the AC unit on that is under warranty! Paid $35,000 for a camper and the AC breaks after using it 4 times! Sink leaked they could never see it so we made a video of it leaking! We have had 3 DVD/radios put in because the service department didn't know how to hook them up correctly.... Oh and we had to have a new hitch put on...
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WE bought a Keystone Outback in June of 2015, On our 2nd use, we went on a 500 mile trip to Montana, where we had a very enjoyable weekend, using our Travel trailer. Minor complaints at the time, no water flow to shower, connection issues to the slide out, (fortunately, a very intelligent hubby whom was able to fix both... then the trouble happened within 20 minutes on our return trip to Washington, I was following in another vehicle and...
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I didn't like
  • Negative customer service person