2016 Keystone Rv Montana 3950br Rv Reviews

1. The theater chair were incorrectly wired. 2. The DVD was not working. Loosen wires 3. The shower valves were wrongly connected, hot thru cold and vice versa. 4. One molding at the side of the pantry made an arc, too long. 5. Molding Door side main slide had the trim between the gel coat wall and the lower metal panel with 3 screws that were over torque requiring to relocate the screws. 6. Off Door side tire trim lose one screw and...
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I liked
  • Floor layout
  • Design- outdoor kitchen
I didn't like
  • Response from keystone
  • No one will take responsibilty
  • Quality of workmanship
Yesterday the InCommand Control system stopped working.I checked the fuses,breaker, rebooted the system, updated the software and spoke with a InCommand Tech. He said it sounded like I need a new board. This is a brand new unit. This control system controls the lights, hot water, slides, awnings, etc for the unit. I'm not even sure we can pull in the slides to get it to a dealer. If we can, will a regular rv mechanic know what to do with this...
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