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We purchased this rig in December of 2017 and have used it a lot! It’s been a great trailer up until last November when we started having issues with the microwave.

The one inside quit working. Then all of the kitchen electrical outlets except the USB, the refrigerator and television. We tried to use a voltmeter on the USB outlet in the kitchen and it blew the wires off the plugs and started smoking. ( After it had fried my blow dryer and son’s phone charger) Upon checking all the other kitchen outlets we found they are only running about 92v.

Our main bedroom lights just flicker. I know this is a mix of direct wired appliances, gfi and 12 volt but I didn’t expect this many electrical issues with a new 5th wheel.

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SORRY to say this, but DON'T expect ANY help from Keystone !! Even if you PROVE that it was wired wrong at the factory, and that is what it sounds like, they will tell you, " you are out of your warranty period" THEY KNOW that MOST of the mistakes they make at that factory, and there are A LOT of them, take more than a year to become a failure, THAT is why they give you a 1 year warranty!!

They can screw-up at the factory, and they do A LOT, and they get to walk away after a year and you are on your own !! JUST look at the way they build these things, I have been to the factory and have seen it with my own eyes !! A set of axles and frame may come in the factory floor in the morning and before the day is out , it goes out the door a finished camper. The Cougar factory I took a tour of held 9 or 10 fifth wheels, they said AT LEAST 9 a day went out the door !!


This company is WORTHLESS !!! DON'T buy from them !!!

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