PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT. Sun Fade after 1 summer in Ohio

This is from LISA CALDERON AND COMPANY @ Keystone:

She says chapter 15 states some thing about talking down to people and not seeing the real issue. Its called cheap, freeloading, company... I'm not buying her story with the camper I bought from Gary, the Iraqi veteran. I really appreciated the effort he made to sell this camper to me and his service TO THE COUNTRY. I enjoyed hearing how he served with Chris Kyle.

What I don't appreciate is LISA CALDERON and Company @ KEYSTONE. I see how they won't stand behind their product while their customers and sales people will take bullets and ID's so they can sell their products.

Please resolve before it gets ugly. I can't talk to her or any of them anymore!

Can you help me get the word out about their products? This should not be able to continue. I can understand THIS HAPPENING 3 to 4 years IN THE IRAQI DESERT - but not 1 summer in the sun in Ohio. GOD BLESS Chad Cox 44 echo

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of keystone rv rv and associated monetary loss in the amount of $2000. Keystone Rv needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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East Liberty, Ohio, United States #1246143

Campers are meant to be enjoyed.

You shouldn't have to wax them every 3 months.

I had this covered and waxed.

Any posts about me not taking care of this camper is ignorant of the facts. Read the post next time.

Sometimes I wonder why I served the country so people can make such dumb comments.

Like anonymous below. Boston?

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1243275

Wonder why they make wax, clear coating, or tarps. Hmmm

to Anonymous East Liberty, Ohio, United States #1246139

they make wax, clear coating, or tarps. Hmmm

So they can get away with saying you didn't day care of it you goof.

Batavia, New York, United States #1242658

I too have a 2013 Keystone Bullet Premier, and we have the same issue. Keystone denied our claim and would do nothing to fix the problem.

The dealer I took it to told me it was a common problem because of the Gel Coat (Not Paint). The dealer offered to "Paint" it For about $3,000. He said by Painting it, it wouldn't fade.

I think Keystone should recall their Poor Product or offer to fix their bad product, just for the simple fact that they charge extra for the premier Paint, or "GEL COAT".

"Not A Happy Camper"

Frank Trigilio

Midland, Michigan, United States #1242420

i had this same thing happen to me. this looks like a lamination problem not sun fade. they fixed mine after they found out it was lamination .tell the dealer to put it in as a lamination problem not sun fade.i had no problem with keystone after that i have a 2014 outback .

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