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I have a 2014 Laredo, that I purchased new. Early last year I noticed a soft spot in the floor.

After failing to have the company, or my insurance be willing to do something about it, I decided to have a look to see if I could fix what I was hoping would be a small issue.

The service dealer here examined it, and determined that I took good of it, maintained it properly, and that the cause of the water entry was from the design of the outdoor kitchen, that allowed water to seep into the screw holes, that were installed on the outside of the rubber seal. I’ve been told

It’s a write off, and have no support, no camper, and many many years of payments left!

Product or Service Mentioned: 2014 Keystone Rv Laredo Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I've been told that there are two happy days in the life of an RV owner : the day you take delivery and the day it gets towed away forever.


AND I THOUGHT I HAD PROBLEMS !! I am so sorry to see your video on your Lardeo, BUT NOT SHOCKED by it !!

This is what Keystone builds. The cheapest quality, for the most money, NO WARRANTY, & NO CUSTOMER SERVICE !!! I truly hope you can salvage it. I did mine, but I don't think I can trust it for on the road travel.

I am going to find a place to park it for good.

I guess we will just have to be satisfied for it to be our lake house. Good Luck with yours , both of us having seen the JUNKY construction methods at Keystone, you will need ALL THE LUCK you can get !!


THE POINT IS , My problems stem directly from YOUR MISTAKE at the factory !! IT DOES NOT MATTER how many owners or how long the unit is in service!!!

YOU SCREWED UP AT THE FACTORY !! I have photographic PROOF !!! The roof was installed WRONG !!! YOU LIED to me when I asked your ("CUSTOMER SERVICE " LOL ) about wood in the back wall BEFORE I bought this thing, and you lie here and other sites EVERY DAY when you try to make people THINK YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS !!

ALL you really care about is building RV's that make it through the 1 year warranty that is WORTHLESS anyway !!! We want to buy RV'S that last a lifetime. I guess that means they can't Keystones or anything else built by Thor industries. You don't want to stand behind your product, EVEN WHEN like me I offered to pay for the repair, that is OK, But I am going to make it my lives work to see that other people DON'T BUY YOUR JUNKY product!!

Right now I am OVER 30 people that have not purchased Keystone, and those are just the ones that bothered to tell me. THAT gives me a WARM & FUZZY feeling inside. I HOPE that number gets to be in the HUNDREDS !! You people thinking about buying Keystone, DON'T DO IT !!!

LOOK at the hundreds of problems listed on this website, Go to Yelp and see HUNDREDS more !!

There are thousands of people that GOT SCREWED by this company !! ASK YOURSELF do YOU want to be one of them !!!


OH !!! MAN !!!

YOU ARE SCREWED !!! YOU are out of your warranty period !! Keystone gets to walk away from ANOTHER one of their SCREW-UPS !!! Same thing happened to me , only it was my roof they screwed-up on.

They installed my rubber roof wrong, water got into my back wall and caused all the wood to rot and the wall almost FELL OFF!!!! ( see my YouTube video # 1nn9PUrWEMk ) Your damage and mine did not happen overnight !! KEYSTONE KNOWS that this kind of damage takes time, THAT is why they give you a 1 year warranty, so they can walk away from their mistakes. DON'T be fooled by their " copy & paste" reply, they make the same reply on all the complaints here and other sites, and there are THOUSANDS of them.

We need to sue them !!! Looking for a lawyer now !!1 My e-mail grmtchem@hotmail.com. Lets get a class action going !! Let THIS be a lesson to anyone looking at buying a Keystone product.


to thinwater #1677749
Keystone Rv Verified Representative

Being you are not the original owner of your unit, we can certainly understand your frustrations. We've already explained to you directly that you had an opportunity to meet with our management team last year here at Keystone personally.

We took time with you on site to go over your unit with you, and provided you direction. We are certainly still here to answer any questions you may have. Please do not discourage other owner's from coming to us for help or questions.

As we did not and will not discourage you from coming to visit us or call us with help on your per-owned unit. Thank you.

to thinwater #1677847
Keystone Rv Verified Representative

To “Thinwater”, Keystone RV does care about our Customer’s, and we do review all cases based on facts. We were more than happy to have you speak to our management team and provide direction when you visited Keystone RV last year.

Even though your unit has been retail owned and utilized since 2013, by multiple owner’s ending with your current ownership; we have offered any assistance that we could offer up to this point. While it’s an unfortunate situation, attempting to discourage our Customer’s from contacting us with questions or concerns, will not alter the outcome of your situation.

to KeystoneRV1 #1687336

So what exactly did you off to do for them? If it's a manufacturering error and you only offered to fix it at full or almost full price that's not much help even if they are not the first ownet

Keystone Rv Verified Representative

Keystone RV recently reviewed your post. In an attempt to review all details, please contact us directly with the last 8 digits of your VIN, and your contact information.

If you would like, you can verify the last 8 digits of your VIN on here, and we can look up your information and contact you directly. You may also reach us Monday through Thursday 8am-5pm & Fridays 8am-4pm, all times EST.

Our Owner Relations Team number is 1-866-425-4369. Thank you.

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