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I contacted the dealer where we bought our Cougar and showed him pictures of the delaminating that is taking place on the front Panel. He said that Keystone is aware of the delamination and unfortunatley off warranty.

Just like that he said nothing he can do under warranty and quoted me $1700. I sent three requests to Keystone with my COntact info, pics of the problem and a narrative of what has happened. That was 2 weeks ago and no reply or contact. DO NOT BUY A KEYSTONE!!!!!

Terrible product and worst yet terrible customer service.

I have kept this trailer under an all weather cover and away from the sun. Never could have imagined that within 3 years I would have to deal with this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keystone Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Poor quality control.

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I have the same problem on the top of my keystone sprinter 2012. & The AC Fried in me .

The dealership updated it ,to 15000 btu unit .

& Didn't upgrade the fuse panel. My trailer almost caught fire!!!


My keystone sprinter 2015 sprinter literally fell apart in my driveway . Delaminated On every part of that trailer .

I will never ever buy keystone product again . Keystone did nothing to help

Athens, Texas, United States #1339040

We bought our 2012 Cougar by Keystone. We had only put 5,000 miles on it when all of the tires had to be replaced.

Fortunately we were were close to civilization on the first two flats. The end cap has faded and is not under warranty.

Keystone has produced a cheap

Product. We always keep our trailer clean after each use.

Do not buy a Keystone!


Hello, my husband and I also have a 2012 Keystone Cougar that we noticed is starting to have a desalination issue on the front. We take the up most care of our trailer.

We clean an wash it inside and out after every use. We wash it with a uv protection soap and make sure every winter it is stored under cover. We consider our trailer an investment so that is why we take such great care of it. After reading your post and seeing the delamination due to I'm 100 % positive is due to poor craftmanship from the factory.

My husband and I are considering selling it and buying another brand of trailer.

If this has started who knows how long before other issues show up. I will also contact keystroke as well as the BBB and the attorney General is keystroke does respond and make good.


Thanks for the warning. This is the second Keystone bad review I have read.

to Anonymous Howell, New Jersey, United States #1277438

Oh there are plenty out there google google google...


Terry Harbes

Thank you for the info. I was looking to buy one.


Have a 2006 23KRS with the same issue - front cap delamination. I continually see outback's on the road with the same issue, sometimes on the rear of the trailer.

Overall I've enjoyed the trailer with no other issues.

It's obvious the company refuses to address the issue, and since it normally doesn't appear until after the warranty period, the owner is completely stuck with the cost of replacement. In summary, if you plan on keeping your RV for more than a couple of years, I would steer clear of the Outbacks.


Same issue. Dealers are aware of the problem because when you attempt to trade it in on something better, they immediately ask questions about how bad is it delaminating without even looking at it.

They will give you next to nothing on a trade-in for it. Nobody should have to deal with a poorly built product with an obvious issue.

Keystone should have made it right to keep a good reputation, but they don't. Will never buy another Keystone product EVER!

to Anonymous #997296

Unfortunately, same issue here. The first time we took our brand new 2008 model out, one of the axles came out of the leaf spring.

Had to be hauled back to the dealer on an 18-wheeler flat-bed. Get it back one month later and when we take it out for the second time, it rains and water starts *** from the sofa/dinette slide. Bring it back to the dealer; supposedly they fixed it. Take it out the third time, and the same leak happens again.

We should have demanded our money back. But no, we keep the piece of excrement. Of course, after it is out of warranty, the front end cap starts delaminating. Bring it to another dealer (because we absolutely hate our original dealer) and they said they found the leak and fixed it.

Delamination continues, bring it to another dealer, and they find and repair the issue that was causing the leak. Want to guess the cause? Shoddy workmanship! This is the first and LAST Keystone product we will ever have the misfortune to buy.

We tell everyone we know (or meet up with at camper shows) to not buy a Keystone product because if they do, they will be totally sorry!

We only hope that anyone who is considering to buy a Keystone product will stumble upon this website, will read these comments, and will run the other way. Don't buy Keystone RVs!

to Anonymous #1070150

Thank you, as well our neighbor had

The same prob.


to Anonymous #1432269

Have a used keystone 2014 just bought and never slept in yet. I didn't do my home work.

And found front and rear panel complely delaminated from top to bottom. Wow

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