I bought a 2017 Keystone 5th wheel with extended full coverage 5 year warranty. With in 6 months of purchase front cap is cracking, and all Keystone will do is paint over just the cracks, not the font cap just the cracks.

Anyone who has worked with fiberglass knows you have to paint corner to corner otherwise it will show with in 2-3 years. I called corp. office to speak with a manager to get this resolved and was told NO. No manager will speak to you about anything.

They have made up their minds not to fix it and that is that. I have had a total if 18 items to be fixed under the first year warranty. They will not fix all 18 saying they are not their problem. For instance DVD player barely plays , that my issue they say..

Its BRAND NEW how is it my issue.

For $47,000 you would think they would have pride in their product. TO ALL DONT EVER BUT KEYSTONE OR DUCTHMAN RV THEY ARE RIPOFFS!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Keystone Rv Rv Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: re paint the cap. DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I didn't like: Customer service worst i have ever seen anywhere, Paint issue, Poor problem solving, Service.

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I feel your pain. I bought mine for travel...Did not realize in 10 mont hs ! I have traveled to the shop and b ack home 5 times for a total of 900 miles

Palmdale, California, United States #1348464

I am the author of original comment. Keystone is such of a piece of *** company.

I decided after being a keystone cougar 5th wheel owner of 1 year I had to get out from under this coach.

I took a 16k loss on a trade in for a Grand Design Reflection.....But you can't put a price on piece of mind. I was constantly worried about my keystone leaking or just plain fall apart....Good by THOR ( patent company of keystone) Good riddance....

Modesto, California, United States #1340910

Wish I had seen your review earlier. I purchased a keystone 2017 5th wheel in January and we have been to 2 locations, the service dept.

and our driveway. The warranty repairs seem to never stop. We waited 4 months for cabinet doors and now we are told it will 3 months for the microwave and light shades. The worse problem is the drainage pipe under the trailer was never attached to the trailer, pulled to California that way and i really think the person bringing it here lived in it, I asked the dealer about it and they said absolutely not.

Sticky counter, dirty microwave and shower, was told it was saw dust from the build. Buyers Beware, keystone is not the way to go and do a lot of research on the service dept.

at the dealer you purchase from. Dropped it off 2 days ago with a long list, summer may be over by the time we get it back.

to Anonymous Palmdale, California, United States #1342006

Are you in so cal? Keystone won't even fix the dvd player..they say it works so it's fine.

It barely works and all my movies are shown in black and white. I HATE KEYSTONE.

Thank you for your reply. Wish u had seen it earlier sorry for that

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