My wife and I bought a 2012 Montana 3750 FL brand new in December 2011. I was a Sales Manager for the largest RV dealership in the state of Colorado and a previous to that a Service Manager so I have been around the block a time or two. We had many little issues with our trailer but having the connections that I had was really no big deal, trim that was falling down, doors not closing, awning not opening, slides needing adjustments etc. Pretty much what you would expect from a house rolling down the highway at 70 MPH! The first thing that I told my local Montana rep was that they needed to do something about my spare tire and the rear two jacks (I have 6 point auto level). He asked why and I replied that I would end up loosing both coming in and out of gas stations and drive ways because they are too low. He told me no way, I was crazy! I said to come over to my trailer and I would run a string from the rear tire up to the rear part of the frame and show him that both were below the point which means that they would get torn off. He stated that they had never had a problem with that. I had my warranty admin request lifting my two rear auto level jacks and to move the spare tire to the front, both were denied! Pretty big balls Keystone had when I controlled the sales of all units with heavy influence to pursued customers to go many different directions away from Keystone products! Long story short we were headed to Big Bear CA a few weeks ago and pulled in a gas station and when I looked in my side view mirror, I happened to see a tire and rim sitting in the middle of the street, yes, it was mine. It twisted all my under beams in back etc. I sent Keystone a letter asking them for advice, not to fix the problem but to advise. They sent me an email back stating that they could not advise how to fix design flaws in their own product, NICE. I sold Montana’s for a long time and believed in them enough to buy one myself but to be perfectly honest, I will never sell nor purchase one again other than selling mine to buy a quality product. They were number one for over ten years but that is changing quickly I know many people that are jumping off that ship and going to other companies. I think that the product is just like a pig, you can put lipstick and a dress on it but it’s still a PIG. If you are going to spend 70-100k, don’t waste it on a Montana, there are far too many good products out there! KEYSTONE IS A JOKE. The following quote came directly from their “customer service”

“Good Afternoon Mr. A…

Thank you for contacting Keystone RV. We apologize for the issues you have experienced with your 2012 Montana. Unfortunately, we cannot authorize or suggest alterations to the unit.


Candy A Rucker

Keystone RV

Dutchmen Manufacturing Inc.

Owner Relations

John A from Moorpark, CA


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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1337234

I'm happy I checked out all these issues.I was also going to buy a 5th wheel this month.

$65,000.. All these reports have STOPPED my husband & I from making this purchase. Going to consider a different Company to deal with. We're sick of paying top dollar for things and getting NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

And PROBLEMS with the purchase. Thank Goodness for people speaking up for our rights..

and letting everyone know what has happened to them..Thank You for caring ..

Nampa, Idaho, United States #1326108

Wish we had read these reviews about Keystone BEFORE buying our 2012 Hideout 7 mos ago.Yes, it was used but seemed so nice.

We're experienced rv'ers. Have had different ones over the years. But our biggest problem with it is all electrical related on one side...outlets, lights, and the latest is the awning.



I feel the same way.I will have one for sale real soon and like you my 2017 Montana High Country.

I will warn everyone I talk to of the poor quality manufacturer that keystone is and how poor their warranty is and how they treat their customer their public relations service sucks.Like your self i am a Project Director in a nation wide Engineering and construction company and meet a lot of people who buy these type of RV's in this line of work and you can bet I can and will impact their sales for the next twenty years or so.what ever happened to backing up what you sale?


They all have problems.A friend of mine has a grand design solitude.

He had several major problems plus many more minor ones.

I have a 40 foot Columbus that was sent back to the factory for many things before I bought it.Seems like the safest bet is a motel room that might or might not be infested with bed bugs.


I feel your pain.We have a 2012 Montana 3750FL.

I can assure you, I will never again purchase anything made by Keystone. Their customer service SUCKS BUTT !!! I built a bumper for the rear and added drag rollers because of being too low in the rear. And it has been on the rollers numerous times.

They could care less about any issues you may have.My suggestion, bypass any Keystone product at all costs.


Can you help ....is there such a thing called a lemon law with 5th wheels? please advise. i have a fl3750 with major problems and a stack of repair invoices to prove it


John my name is Tammy Layne

We bought a 2012 raptor with all kinds of issues. Please email me I have some information that might help you. Tammylayne@gmail.com


Gig Harbor, Washington, United States #897393

I have heard from many Keystone owners about their so called customer service."Pathetic" has been the general consensus.

We own a Grand Design product (Solitude 369RL 5er). we absolutely love it and have had nothing but wonderful support from the manufacturers customer support team.

Besides the company's commitment to customer service, they also build a beautiful and high quality product.I would highly recommend looking into the Grand Design product line.

to ajt La Grange, Texas, United States #1124179

My Keystone Larado is a high dollar junk pile.I would not know where to start my list of complaints.

I did take the unit back for many visits but now I am on my own.

I will replace this POS as soon as I can afford it.Thanks


Interesting, as my wife and I were looking at Montana's for full time living. Which Manufacturers would you recommend, knowing your RV background?

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