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We purchased a 2015 Keystone Laredo 278SRL four months ago. The worst mistake we ever made.

The quality is horrible and Keystone should be embarrassed as well as the dealer who sold it to us. The cabinet hinges are coming out on numerous cabinets, leaving them hanging crooked and have to actually lift them up to close properly and has also ruined the cheap covering on the actual cabinet where the screws are pulling out, part of our carpet edge is fraying, carpet tacks coming out of the floor, wallpaper peeling off around all the nail holes, warped in other areas, bathroom counter trim piece separated, dinette cushion is a lumpy mess, and has a huge visible fabric flaw, several cabinet door are dinged and have rough marred areas (defective pieces of wood), structure nails are poking through the wallpaper in all rooms, bedroom ceiling trim piece has corner piece chipped off, water control center outside was broke in several places flooding our outside compartments, shower head cracked, kitchen faucet cracked, electrical outlet cover under sink falling off, outside light strip along awning falling off, ripple in gel coat on side of RV, rusted screws on power connector outlet, 1 inch round ding just down from the roof line is rusted. I’m sure I’m forgetting things and I’m sure I’ll discover more manufacturing defects as time goes on. We have it at the dealer again for warranty fixes, but I’m not real excited about having a pieced together rebuilt RV.

We tried to give it back to dealer and purchase something else from their lot, he offered us 10K less than we paid 4 months ago. If it isn’t satisfactory at the end of the 1 year warranty period we will cut our losses and take a hit and dump it.

I’m not going to spend every camping trip with a sick stomach like I have so far this year.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keystone Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I agree keystone is junk and sorry I ever purchased a Montana. I had this 2017 Montana High Country for 4 months and so far 5 shades broke.

The sensors for black tank and grey tank don't work properly. The lamination is peeling off in places.

Pullman, Washington, United States #887855

Yep could have written that myself, every outing we come back with at least 5 new defects. Probably had 40 things in 6 months.

I don't understand why a company would not take pride in their product. The poor workmanship in every facet of my 5th wheel is astonishing. And evidently no quality control dept. We are going to cash in our losses and get an Artic Fox.

I'm having great guilt knowing someone else will walk into a dealership and buy this Laredo with same excitement we had only to be very disappointed with ongoing quality defects. Doesn't seem fair, keystone continues to profit.

California, United States #887831

screws coming out of several of our cabinet hinges already , a 2014 Hideout ...just got it 30 days ago

Tacoma, Washington, United States #859691

Our 2014 has been nothing but problems also. We will never buy a Keystone product again.

We have not had good customer service from them either. They are rude on phone, can't get anyone to return calls and they won't be held responsible for anything.

to Jerry #1179892

Our 2015 Keystone Laredo has had many items that should be warranted but Keystone always comes up with some ridiculous excuse to not cover it. The latest is that the awning which has never been used until this month.

When put it out we noticed it hangs crooked and the one side is very saggy. The following day we put it out as it was rainy and we were trying to keep the door out of the rain-- Keystone won't warranty it as its more then 1 month old (still under 1 year) and they further say awnings should not be used in the rain. Seriously?

We have fixed cupboards, fridge fan, leaking water pipe, dinette chairs and curtain frames that popped out of the wall.

All on our dime. Hopefully we have everything fixed but we will never recommend or purchase Keystone RV again.

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