Disappointing experience with our Keystone RV Company product quality and support. It is important to share your experience so we are better educated when we vote with our money.

Since my wife and I liked the look and design of Keystone units we ultimately decided to purchase a 30 foot 2012 Keystone Passport. At just over one year old the decals were peeling. I contacted Keystone RV Company and here is their exact response:

"Unfortunately, there is no life expectancy for when the decals will or will not peel. ... Considering the time out of warranty and history in mind, we regret to inform you that Keystone will be unable to participate with replacement decals. Pending availability, you can pursue purchasing replacements through a Keystone dealer. You may utilize our online dealer locator: www.keystonerv.com."

It is very disappointing when you spend a lot of money on a product then quickly have quality issues. It is unfortunate this company has poor quality and doesn't care about it.

Consumers be warned!!! Keystone RV Company has decal quality issues. Consider this in determining what you are willing to pay for their units. It is not much fun being the 2-year old *** looking unit in the campground.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keystone Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Have the very same problem with our 2012 passport

Hornell, New York, United States #1319639

I just had to remove all of the decals on the door side and front of my Keystone Bullet. Keystone wouldn't replace them.

$3000 to replace them not including install!!!!!! I will never buy another Keystone product again.


My decals also started peeling on my 09 passport a year and a half after i bought it brand new. I was pissed when keystone refused replacement.

It would cost $180 for the package then pay someone to install. I have a very nice camper that looks like *** because of peeling decals.

to Anonymous Colleyville, Texas, United States #1154136

Please contact me and let me know where you found the decals for $180.00, I am looking into replacing them on my 2009 keystone passport. I am having no luck finding any replacement decals online. Please reach me at redrewster13@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance for your time.


I would not recommend that anyone purchase a Keystone RV. They are not built to last.

My 2007 Outback has many issues. All of the decals need to be replaced. (Seems this is a big issue that has been ignored by Keystone for a long time) The trailer has only been towed for 500 miles but all of the plastic parts around the wheel wells have cracks and need to be replaced. We got the white kitchen cabinets - big mistake, they glued so white film over the wood.

They now look bad from all of the shrinkage. I may need to cut it off and paint them. You would think that they would build the units to be outdoors so why would they use fasteners that rust, which I need to replace.

Whatever you do don't get a unit with an outside stove that folds into the side. Just a place for more rust to form and collect water to leak inside.


We have had the same problem with our Passport and have seen several others at our campground.

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