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I have a 2012 passport ultra light that I bought new in Katie tx at holiday world. When I bought it I paid $3500 dollars for an exstended warrenty and that's a whole different problem but this is concerning the roof and how it started leaking.

Dealer said that I was supposed to do maintenance that they never told me about, I'm assuming they didn't want me to know what a piece of junk it was that I would have to get the roof inspected every 6 months but they only told me that after the leak started long story short they wouldn't fix it and keystone says it the dealer responsibly so just going back and now I have $6500 worth of water damage in the front. Its really been a terrible purchase Ill never buy another keystone product

Product or Service Mentioned: Keystone Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My keystone trailer started to delaminate almost a month after I bought it . Hot water heater went out , power awning Motor Went out and keystone would not cover nothing .

I bought it new in 2011 . Keystone is absolutely junk

Gainesville, Virginia, United States #1354312

2015 passport same thing, front cap top leaking. Had a guy fix it still leaks.

Insurance guy out said its my fault.

for not resealing ever month! It started buckling and leaking 9months after purchase.

Berlin, Connecticut, United States #1271312

Did you ever find out where the leak started from, which part of the roof? We have a new 2016 passport 3220bh that has been having water leaking into the door side closet top shelf at the wall seam every time it rains out.

The dealer can't seem to find out where it's coming from.

They replaced the entire front outside shell of it and said it was fixed but it happened again.

Thanks John

to John Berlin, Connecticut, United States #1271314

FYI. Our dealer did all our inspections and roof maintenance.


Oceanside, California, United States #1213908

Who would buy something that risks leaking every 30 days. That's crazy.

Do your research before purchasing.

You likely would have found others that got wet willie'd.


It is a real shame this happened. I'm a retired truck technician and one thing I know for sure, if proper preventive maintenance isn't performed, things can go south real fast.

What I'm saying is if you didn't take care of the roof PM then it is on you, I find it interesting that the dealer never told you about regular roof inspections, he should have, and that is one way service departments stay in business by doing PM work. One thing I try to do with anything I purchase is to find out everything I can about maintaining it.


The roof warranty clearly states that you must inspect your roof every 6 months. I inspect mine every 1 month.

I'm sorry for your issue but it is clearly your fault and not Keystone's for not inspecting the roof regularly.

Why is it the dealer's responsibility to tell you about your camper? How about a little personal responsibility?

to Anonymous #1441436

What an *** you are. I own a bullet.

Thing is pure junk has nothing to do with maintenance. You shouldn’t have to caulk a roof after 6 months. My windows leak in kitchen and bedroom nothing in the manual about that. Fiberglass on back peeling away from the roof seam.

Hmmm nothing in the manual about that.Oh yeah almost forgot about those paper thin fenders ripped off going down the highway.Almost forgot about the antenna crank that fell off. *** keystone.

to Mitch black #1693202

actually its considered customer maintanence after the 90 days of ownership, and its expressed everywhere that customers need to maintain all seals/sealant on the unit every 6 months and have it documented so that your 10 year roof membrane material warranty stays active. sealant is just like changing your oil, wiper blades etc...

it wears down with time, weather, sun, season change ( from walls, wood flexing from cold to hot) just like you have to winterize and dewinterize your units. do a little research and you would find out a lot of things. its a second home why wouldnt you take care of it? and its LIMITED warranty not bumper to bumper.

windows leak due to the silicone wearing away from weather, keep up with ur seals- plain and simple. fiber glass only delamins from a unit because water came in from the seals and sat inside the wall.

if they remove the fiberon skin and theres water inside it- customer error not warranty or defect. the other issues of fender and antenna, sound like a defect.


Yes idiots, reading is fundamental. Read your owners manual about normal maintenance; read your extended warranty coverage and exclusions also.

When you buy a car, do you expect the dealer to tell you to keep air in the tires, gas in the tank, and check the oil? For the life of me I can not understand how many of you have made it in life this long without killing yourself being so ***. IT IS YOUR FAULT.

Caulk is a maintenance item. Pretty standard on anything in the world which use's caulk.

to Anonymous #1115175

You sound like a mental case, pretty worked up. You're probably the *** that built the piece of junk someone paid good money for.

to Anonymous Bryant, Alabama, United States #1279294

Our tech inspected ours and we had 7 leaks because of areas that had never been caulked when manufactured! Yes it's a new camper! Maybe you need to quit blaming the customer and fix the problem!!

Lakewood Township, New Jersey, United States #1111069

Exactly sam problem here Im out 24000...

2013 coleman, keystone! after 1 year, camping world wont honor warranty neither will keystone and good sam is a joke!

to fblumberg #1155147

IT WAS INSpected it was in Cramping worlds shop for 3 months prior for leaks... It says Visual inspection, it LEAKS, I did visuals, Cramping world put so much caulk up there you cant see under it.

so inspectin all you want unless you put it in a rain tunnel you cant tell its leaking internally. KEYSTONE has a Documented issue with shor sheetint the roof on several of the models, and it takes vehement argument if not total reckless abandon to get the mfs to do anything, Ive got a E mail clearly instructing the Customer service agent to string me along till the warranty expires...


Just FYI, all RV roofs need to be inspected and maintained several times per year. Everthing from the lowest priced to the top of the line luxury rvs need maintenance or problems will show up such as yours. It is in the owners manual that should have come with the trailer at purchase.


***...just bought a used 2012 Passport Ultra Lite GT. What is the model number pictured?

How and where did you first notice the water leak? Thanks for posting this!!

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