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I also uploaded video but they did not load, how convenient. I will post.

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We purchased a 2016 High Country the Friday before thanksgiving. The shower is backwards, water soaks the floor.

There are many other issues but the fridge is the worst. It does not stay cold. It's always in the mid 40's to mid 50's. That's not cold enough for food and definitely not for my insulin.

Over the holiday weekend it got worse so we purchased a new fridge. We were going to get it put in. I noticed my carpet between fridge and table was soaked and the wood around fridge was wet. My husband removed the wood panel on the side and everything was soaked and wood already rotten.

I am so disappointed the the quality of work put into this RV.

I have photos and video and wil take this further if something is not done to satisfy us. This is not over by no means.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keystone Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Most major insulin manufacturers state that insulin can be kept at room temperature for up to 28 days.

Did you put a fridge vent fan on your unit to improve cooling? Did you put a circulating fan in your fridge to improve cooling?

Is your fridge level or did you damage your fridge unit by running it while it wasn't level?


update to my wifes post... i have called keystone they say i can pay a service call and labor plus parts ...

if they find its a warranty issue they will cover the parts but i still pay the call.... well i travel extensively with work and its our main place of dwelling... i cant just return it to the dealer as instructed... for them to piddle around a week fixing stuff...

so i will fix keystones minimum wage employees lack of craftsmanship myself.... needless to say . they put the shower bottom track in backwards where the drain slots are facing the floor instead of the shower interior... 50 minute repair i did....

the refrigerator was installed with the drain hose still packaged in the coils and pouring water on the plywood riser it sat on.. the fans that cool the coils were not even connected which after the fact that it never obtained a temp of below 45 and we ended up throwing all the food away on gas and electric . i yanked the entire piece of junk out and put a residential fridge in and along with a converter can run battery or shore power.. i dont need g on the fridge.

i use more than enough gas on this poor excuse for a heater . sad i have to purchase 2 electric heaters for the bedroom and kitchen area because this extensive 2 unit system cant keep it warm and when it does run it sucks air from outside through the doors to the point i might as well open them.... i paid a ton extra for all the extras in regards to insulation and the Montana package... .

next venture is to find out why the fuses blow . one a month .. why the gasket and flush valve aren't sealing and wont hold water and emits smells that fabreeze has no chance of masking... and eventually figuring out why the bedroom stays about 45 degrees when the heater is running ...

which is probably crappy duct work.. you know i'm a contractor . its ashamed that i didn't see these things when looking . but being in this now for a little over a month .

i like it but am very disappointed in the workmanship and quality control from the manufacture...

yea i probably will void my warranty because i did the repairs myself but i lost no time of usage and i know its done right!!! and eventually it will be a comfortable home for 11 months of the year for my wife and I

Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1086595

A 2016 model should still be under warranty. Did you take it to them for warranty work?

Shoddy workmanship on these things seems to be the norm now. Good luck.

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