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So, just bought this fifth wheel.keystone sprinter 324fwbhs

I wanted an all seasons for the hot months and cold months. They have a sticker posted on the left next to the door that says performance from 0 degrees to 100 degrees.

Not even close. Its been around 98 degrees out here in Estacada, Oregon on July 31st, 2015 and its 92 in my rig. Ive got a/c going.

On vent open with a box fan on the other side the rig trying to get the heat to the vent. Ive also gone as far as putting a 10lbs block of ice in front of the box fan.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keystone Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We have a new 337FLS, 100 plus in Montana, June 2015. Refer unable to cool down, and A/C unable to cool interior untill after sunset.

After trip, found 12 inch hole in floor to belly for cables and hose in front storage compartment, and same size hole under cabinets where converter and fuse box is mounted. Took pictures and explained problem to Keystone, 'they said was a warranty problem'.

Solution, I completely removed interior of A/C and found temperature probe was loose and the barrier between intake and cold air exhaust had half inch gap... seal tape minimal at best to ducting...

resealed with silver duct tape, added half inch rigid foam to separate hot and cold reinstalled temp probe properly, and sealed vent in interior cover, now have cold air exhausting from all ceiling ducts... RV dealership wanted 4 to six weeks to diagnose problem, and could not get into dealer for 2 months... fixed myself.

Refer Dometic, is a slide mounted type... Had a non-functioning 'computer fan in exterior compartment, temperature sensor just hanging in the air.

Dealership added a plywood 'baffle' and sealed off two of the air vents on the upper cover.

Solution... Added 3 inches of rigid foam to upper refer cabinet, installed temperature sensor to coil fins as described by Dometic repairman, purchased two computer case fans for 2 bucks each, and installed them on the metal bar in the holes that were already there. RV dealer had no idea of how to fix not cooling problem for the refer. This fix is also posted by other RVers on line.

I have also insulated my pass-thru storage box, there was none. I plugged the holes where cables and pipes penetrate the floor, and removed the excess furnace tubing that was in the belly. I also bought metal floor vents, 20 bucks each, that open and close, that a person can stand on without crushing the vent.

Has the dealership been helpful with warranty issues... no way...

Has Keystone been helpful... NO... not even open to their own design problems. If we had it to do over...

we would not buy from the RV dealer, they are only interested in sales, the lifetime warranty is a joke, a ripoff... we would/should have reconsidered a different manufacturer if we thought we would have had all these problems with a new fifth wheel.

We had a Monaco TT for 10 years and had almost no problems. if we


I have the same issue in our 326FWBHS


We have a 2014 denali dutchman trail edition 5th wheel. If a problem cannot be repaired ( fixed) within 30 days, it is considered a lemon in the state of oregon.

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