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We purchased a Keystone Sprinter 331RLS on July 25, 2014. Store it indoors, used it for 6 trips.

On Labor Day 2015 we went on our 6th trip, on our way home we noticed the front section of the roof was puffed up from air going down the road. Upon further investigation noticed roof membrane came high enough to contact front ac unit and cut the membrane. I contacted Keystone and informed them, their response was sorry, its out of warranty by 1 month and 1 week. I took it to the dealer for their opinion and to see if we could get it fixed.

Dealer investigated and found thatwhen the rv was manufactured, the roof was cut short and this is why you got air under it. I pleaded my case to Keystone and they agreed to repair the roof, but only 10 ft of it. I told them thats not acceptable because I do not want a seam. I have been fighting with them daily for the past few weeks demanding they replace my roof.

I sent the CEO of Keystone an email as well but no comment. It seems from reading several forums that this has been a recurring problem with many Keystone rv's and they will not stand behind their products. My camper has been at the dealer now for 4 weeks and I am needing to get it home to start our camping. Customer service sucks as well as the company standing behind their products.

Im not giving into them, my suggestion is dont buy a Keystone product. Im calling everyday until they replace my roof.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keystone Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Weston, West Virginia, United States #1246134

I have heard this before about Keystone. I am shopping for new 5th wheel now and certainly will not be a Keystone product!


how did you find the ceo email? Fighting with them now on a brand new 2016 Outback


I went online, on youtube, and it's not just " keystone", but many pre fab campers, travel trailers, etc. have defects that are caused by the manufacturing process.

There is an attorney on youtube who tells all about why to NOT purchase an RV..and why the manufacturers , many of them, will NOT back anything they sell. The dealers also will NOT help you. Go to the consumer protection agencies, contact the better business bureau, go onto " yelp" and report the local dealer..and lastly, do your research ...and lots of it before purchasing another one. I feel for you...there are many getting ripped off from cheap or shoddy , low quality manufacturing these days...and a really good RV or camper will cost as much as a house...yet most do not have protections for consumers.

google the lawyer on youtube who warns about this kind of thing. Lastly, do contact your state attorney general and file a complaint. You were shafted from the beginning, and I can almost bet that the dealer got a really great deal on this unit...but probably charged you an arm and a leg. You must be pro active...and post it on social media..lastly, go to your local t.v.

station and get them to do a story on this. Thanks for the warning, too.

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