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We bought a brand new Keystone / Springdale trailer last year (2018) a few months later we had a water heater fire in the morning as we rose. We got it out.

To make a long story short they denied our warranty. Absolutely floored / stunned. They said it was a maintenance problem. The service company who looked at it said there is no way they would know that.

You would think they would have taken this seriously. They never did. I have the water heater that caught fire in my possession. I waited to see if they would ask me for it.

You would think that the manufacturer and or the manufacturer of the water heater would have wanted to inspect it. I have been putting off this review to see how it all pans out. Keystone finally after 3 months along with the company we purchased it from both paid to have it replaced. You have to know this.

Only run your water heater as you need it. Keep it off otherwise. Its an Atwood water heater. It caught fire.

Reason still unknown according to the service department we originally took it to. Beware.

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I hear ya !!!! Our 2018 keystone Outback has now been in the shop twice for weak leaf springs, but the real problem is bad axles, we’re always way under the weight limit but with a picture Keystone denied our claim even tho the lead mechanic caught the 2 bent axles and said he wouldn’t let us drive the TT off the lot !!!

Keystone rep Francesca was very rude and condescending, the whole conversation she was talking over me and wouldn’t listen to a thing I wanted to say ! BUYERS BEWARE !!!

to Anonymous #1706442

I have a 2018 keystone hideout 28 BHS with trim popping off , Staples popping out everywhere and many other things I've had to take care myself since day one. All I got for help was a roll of edging tape and a welcome to mass production statement. I will never recommend a keystone.

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I WISH mine would catch on fire !!!!

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