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Bought from Colerain RV in Ohio. Driving home slider switch stuck in on position, burns out motor.

Back in NY brought to 2-locations. Still waiting for Keystone to ship out part that could fit in small envelope. Terrible communication. First RV.

Keystone, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. I have no idea what unit looks like can't get in it. I wish I read all reviews first. I would NOT have bought a Keystone.

Just say NO to KEYSTONE! Worst Service I've ever experienced. I have a feeling this is just the beginning with this lemon! UGH!

Keystone DOES NOT read emails, they just answer with whatever they want, it's a joke!

Oh by the way Colerain RV dropped us like Hot-Rocks...not surprised. ColerainRV got paid...and said, see ya!

Review about: Keystone Rv Rv.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Get a life, Bill E. and stop trolling!

Seriously! Until you walk a mile in my shoes with my experience you need to stop being a troll and telling people how to feel and respond!

to Anonymous #756274

You sound like a very petty person who has no idea how to work a camper or what to expect. Maybe you should stop blasting everyone and take some responsibility. Sorry your camper broke and since now it is probably fixed I am sure you may feel awful about the Bogus review you wrote out of anger instead of waiting till it was resolved to post something helpful.


Well, now I know who hits the "***" button on this web-site. It's Colerain RV & Keystone!

Colerain RV is a Group of LIARS! Beware of Colerain RV & Keystone. I have yet to get all repairs completed, and all Colerain RV did was "***" and aggravate me more, full-fledged LIARS! Keystone Customer Service is a JOKE!

Period! NO ONE EVER RESPONDS TO EMAILS, with content. Some are never answered at all.

NO one at Keystone or Colerain RV cares as soon as you pull off the LOT! Buyer Beware!

to Wide Awake #737308

Our 2014 Keystone Cougar High Country 321RES trailer has been a gem. Had two issues and keystone and General RV, in Wixom, Michigan, took care of everything. Have traveled through Michigan and down to Kentucky- horse country. Plenty of room with 3 slides and it pulls like a dream.

Sorry to hear of your problems. Hope you get them all taken care of.

Happy trails,

Bill B.

S.E. Michigan

to Wide Awake #741515

I am stunned to hear about your experience with Colerain Rv, they have been nothing short of amazing and on top of everything with us. We have a 2014 cougar Fifth wheel and live in TX.

Our camper has had a few minor things that Colerain went out of their way to help correct. You purchased out of state and then somehow expected Colerain to do what? Sorry it sounds like you just don't know what you are doing or talking about.

We have worked with them for years and one bad review due to ignorance is not worth posting.

I know everyone has a different experience so i hope you got everything fixed and you are on your way.

to Anonymous Sarasota, Florida, United States #741620

You have no idea what you are saying or who you are talking to. The 'ignorance' my dear is from you to A$$-ume you are replying to someone with substandard education.

COLERAIN RV LIED on many occasions that I have documented. Before you A$$-ume, you should know the whole story! "Your" ignorance is showing my dear. So you were one of the lucky ones that COLERAIN RV did not screw...good for you!

Happy Travels! JA!

to Anonymous #751121

At least you could be civil when you're replying to someone. Think you'll get any sympathy with your attitude????Bill B.

S.E. Michigan

p.s.- very happy owner of a 2014 321RES trailer.

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