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Had yet more issues with this trailer again this weekend.

The outdoor plugs, bathroom and outdoor kitchen receptacles were not working. All on GFCI. The GFCI in the bathroom was not tripped. I opened the electrical panel, and “PULLED OUT A LOOSE 120VAC WIRE” connected to a 15A breaker!

I tightened this up, and it corrected the issue. However this was a fire hazard.

I was doing dishes in the outdoor kitchen sink, I pulled the drain to drain the dirty dishwater. The water didn’t drain. I checked the grey water tank level. All good. So Then I started to try and clear the drain.

“thinking it was plugged.” I cleared out the dirty dishwater, and disconnected the trap to investigate. There were large deposits in this waterless trap and the rubber inside had been separated.

I then continued to clean the debris from the pipe. My son was in the washroom and flushed the toilet. The pipe sprayed out human ***’, urine, toilet paper etc!!!

This is when I realized this outdoor kitchen sink that I have been cooking with, washing dishes in, and cleaning with was connected to the BLACK WATER TANK!!!!! And the black water tank was full.

This was the most disgusting thing I have ever encountered!!!! I had bare hands, A large portion of my dishes were in this filth. I let the Black tank out, and all the water receded from the sink!

I am simply disgusting with this piece of garbage KEYSTONE trailer! The quality control, and craftsmanship that go into these thing is DISCRACEFUL!!!

I am getting sick and tired of driving this thing into the repair shop after every time I use it!

I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER KEYSTONE PRODUCT AGAIN!!!! and I seriously have DEMANDED!!!!! a discount on my purchase price! which I will never receive.

I want this sink properly plumbed to the GREY WATER TANK!!!! I don’t even know how this can be CSA approved with a kitchen sink plumbed to the *** tank! I cannot get the *** smell off of my hands!

They refuse to repair this, and the dealer supports the manufacturer.

In addition, I demanded that EVERY OTHER MECHANICAL ITEM on this trailer is verified to be plumbed and hooked up correctly. I AM NOT PAYING A DIME TO HAVE THIS COMPLETELY REVIEWED AND ANY REPAIRS NECESSARY COMPLETED! This was denied.

However both the dealer (Leisure Days RV, Ayr, ON) and the manufacturer assure me that this is normal plumbing practise on all trailers and manufacturers. The exact response from the dealer was

"Hello Rob, I have spoke to Key stone about your situation. They do plumb that outside sink into the black tank, There is no code for that, as it is a normal plumbing practise on all coaches, be it a Keystone or any other manufacturer. I have seen this many times before, It all depends on tank location, rise of plumbing or the logistics of the plumbing. If you would like to contact Keystone they could explain this for you or you are welcome to call me anytime. The sock that is in the white pipe is called a check valve sock that is normally split on the end to allow one way travel of water. It does make sense to me that with you having disconnected that pipe when your son flushed the toilet that it would come out under sink (especially if tank is full )".

Looks to me they need a lesson in RV plumbing systems! Here is a good website that describes the differences between a grey water and black water tank, quite simple knowledge. You will notice ONLY THE TOILET is plumbed to the Blackwater tank!

They state:

“The Black Water Waste Tank is a nice way of saying your toilet storage tank. Your RV is designed so only toilet waste is put into it.

The Black Waste Dump Tank will have it's own Waste Gate Valve to empty that tank. It will usually have a fresh water clean-out valve so your Black Tank can be rinsed out with fresh water, after draining it. “


I’m extremely pissed, again!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Keystone Rv Rv.

Reason of review: All of the above, minus paymen problems.

Monetary Loss: $45000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Overall look of trailer.

I didn't like: Build quality, Warranty service, Customer service, Integrity, Workmanship.

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I just had the same issue with my 2015 starcraft 329bhu. the black tank filled up and backed up into my outdoor kitchen the most disgusting thing that has happened to us by far. i will be contacting the dealer and manufacturer asap.

Embrun, Ontario, Canada #1215150

Good day

Im not a Keystone RV owner' but a KZ RV owner and I had the same issue with my outdoor sink... It is hook to the Black Tank...

It is discusting... Sounds like RV company doesnt care about ecoli...

Spokane, Washington, United States #1192496

We are having the same issue with our keystone RV! So disgusting, not cool - I'm currently trying to find out what to do.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1163630

Same garbage with our 2013 312BH outback, faded gelcoat after one year with waxing and washing. Breakers tripping due to electrical issues.

Loose and stripped hardware, leaks design flaws...you name it. I also fell victim to the plugged tank kitchen sink *** bath! Stayed up till 4 a.m. and had to take a day off work to pull cabinets and dry it out.

Also had bathroom flood due to failed check valve for black tank flush which will just dump under the cabinet. Ladder pulled out of rear wall due to missing supports, skylight cracked, fender flares cracked, trim dry rotting. Tried to get bank to take it back, stuck with it. Spent lots of time and money the first three years of ownership to fix all their issues including re plumbing the kitchen sink.

This was our first bran new camper and it ruined camping for me. Will NEVER buy or recommend another Keystone....STAY AWAY!


the check valve on this is faulty, when i won the lawsuit they gave me a 2016 version its doing the same thing. Most people with this problem add a better check valve i may sue again. It took me 18 months to get them to settle.

Orangevale, California, United States #1154572

i had this on my 2014 313 bhs i sued over it and won.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #1094129

I can understand your frustration but how often do you drain your black tank?? It takes quite a while for it to fill up,

This really sounds like *** too lazy to dump the tanks, whine and blame the RV manufacturer.

Get a life

to Rob #1094150

you must be a dealer..or a manufacturer. It's when the check valve fails and the backwater tank gets backed up into the sink with dishes.

It's quite gross. It's more like the RV manufacturer was too lazy to design a good solution that would run grey water where it should go!.. instead of always cutting costs and corners to make it as cheap as possible....

and why would you want to run excessive water into your black tank...which is quite a small tank... it's a major pain to empty without moving your trailer.

to Rob #1163635

Has nothing to do with laziness. Drove home about 90 miles with black tank nearly full, something normal after a log weekend.

Pressure from sloshing pushes black tank into sink. Sink is only about 6 inches higher that the top of the tank. Continuous odor from the black tank in outdoor kitchen. Had to plumb it to the ground.

Most people never assume the sink to be plumbed into the black tank either SURPRISE! They could have rearranged the bathroom and moved that tanks and solved the whole issue.

to Rob #1517337

Its fills up super fast if you use the outdoor kitchen sink because it goes into black water tank,who the frog wants to hook up to their camper every 3 days to go dump,retard.

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