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I noticed that the top of my brown endcap has a greyish color to it. I called a dealer,and they said that Keystone RV is having problems with the paint, and that it is oxidizing.

I have noticed SEVERAL RV's identical to mine, having the same problem. Since there are so many Outbacks like mine, having the same problem, then I think Keystone should stand behind their product/problem and fix them.

Instead Keystone offered me $750.00-$1000.00 towards a new pain job, which is quoted at $2200.00 by the dealership. We should not have to pay any money out of our pockets to fix what Keystone did.

Our Outback is less than 2 years old, I would like to think that a $33,000 RV, would not have this type of problem yet. Since Keystone is not willing to repair our Outback, I ordered a banner to display my displeasure with how Keystone wants to handle THEIR mess.

I will put my banner up in the front yard of everywhere I travel, and camp, which is quite a bit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keystone Rv Repair.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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I have a 2017 Impact with fading paint issue. The paint is fading on the whole trailer. Keystone should be forced to do all the repaints.


same issue with us. 2017 keystone bullet.

issue was just the nose of our trailer. decals did not last 18 months (pealed off) and polishing/waxing has minimal benefit and lasts a few months before the nose looks horrible.

Keystone's response was that it was past warranty. would be glad to join a class action suit unless Keystone decides to take care of an issue which is clearly a manufacturing issue.


NEVER buy a Keystone product. We have a 2016 5th wheel where it looks so bad we’re ashamed.

We owned several RVs over the last 40 years and have never experienced anything like this.

Count me in on any class-action.


Do not buy a Keystone...


I tried to get replacement decals they said there is nothing wrong with s at least some compensation for having to repaint.


We have a 2014 keystone Laredo Camper and I join all the unhappy customers that have the front fading and needing to be repainted and a good coat of CLEAR COAT applied. looks terrible and I am ashamed to drive down the road and for sure to park it in a camping place.

I would join a group of lawsuit owners.

Not right to spend money like this and they klnow the problem. I don"t believe they used any clear coat paint to protect the first coat etc.


We are having the same problem with the front end paint job on our 2013 outback, looks like *** and Keystone just says, Oh sorry you are out of warranty" You would think they could offer SOME kind of help since this looks bad for the company all the outbacks people see look like ***

Philip Como

Why hasn't there been a class action lawsuit against Keystone if there are so many customers with the same problem??

Philip Como

I had my insurance adjusted come by about a year ago to assess the fading on the brown nose cone of my 2013 Keystone Laredo and he, of course, couldn't justify the claim..however he was so pissed that the gelcoat was obviously defective that he wrote a letter and called keystone directly,as an adjuster, and stated the problem with my camper. The stated, with evidence of keystone forum claims, that the gelcoat was defective and that keystone needs to reimburse me for the repaint and repair.

The told him that Keystone will not take any responsibility because they have no way to determine if it was environmental or not. He wrote them again stating that the camper is clear from any environmental issues and they replied that since I was out of warranty (even though it was only 2 years old) that they would do nothing. NEVER buy a Keystone again!! I have an amazing detailer who has been working on trying to put a ceramic coating on the cone to see if he can reduce the oxidation and try to save the cone..

He then noticed cracking on the cone. He did research and found that since the gelcoat was defective the coating underneath was coming through and causing cracking...nothing we can do..

So all of us are basically screwed and have to paid 3-4,000 to regel our campers. Keystone should be ASHAMED of what they've done and fail to acknowledge.


I will never buy a keystone product again.


I just had my detail man say he would not wash and wax my 2 year old 2015 Keystone Cougar X-Lite because the paint was bad. He explained that it is a common problem with RV's and even worse with brown for some reason.

Not sure what were are going to do because the passenger side and the back have faded so bad even though it was maintained. The side away from the sun has no problem. It is obvious to me that there is something wrong with the paint job or clear coat and I am sure when I take it to a paint shop it will not be a low priced job. So much for RV life!

KEYSTONE should be ashamed of themselves for selling such cheap fiberglass that the clear coat fails.

I have had many rv's over the years and never ever had this happen. Yes, I am pissed to!

to Steve Rice #1465260

I have the same problem with my 2015 Cougar High Country 29RLS (brown sides and white cap) but the fading is on both sides that get regular sun exposure. Waxing does no good and my detail person said he couldn't do anything and that even adding a polymer coating wouldn't work because the paint pigment is going away.I have even had problems with the nice leather looking furniture inside....the material is bubbling up and flaking off.

Keystone said there was nothing they could do on the furniture so don't assume they will do anything on the exterior since it is out of warranty and based on other feedback on the blogs.

I've also already had to replace the two door window frames as they cracked around the corners.Sad to have this problem on a product that is supposed to be designed for the outdoors. Bottom line...I'll never buy Keystone again and will make sure to tell other campers in the campgrounds I visit.

to Steve Rice #1665973

I have a 2014 cougar same problem. I will never buy another keystone product.

Thinking about painting yellow and writing lemon on the side. We travel all over country so I am sure I would have alot to talk about in campgrounds.


I have a 2012 cougar high country the nose and the sides are all chalking the clearcoat is completely gone.


Have same issue with our 2014 Keystone Laredo 5th wheel



Oxidation has to do with clear/gel coat failure, not bad paint. Over the years clear/gel coat will eventually wear off and need to be re-done.

If any vehicle isn't regularly cleaned and waxed the clear/gel coat, it will break down and discolor more quickly. Based on people's reviews it sounds like Keystone put a very thin gel coat over the paint because it should not be wearing off before a 5 year warranty period.

to KrisDB #1533941



I'm a little late on getting on board with this, but we have a 2014 Outback with the same issue of severe fading on the front dome. I've used the same light Meguires compound that we use on our Rinker cruiser, along with a high quality marine wax.

This didn't help a bit. I guess I'll be calling Forest River or Keystone on Monday.


2014 Premiere 33BHS, same issue - nose cap fading, looks terrible! When I contacted Dealer and then Keystone, same runaround , no help!

If anyone knows of any class actions, please include me. email:, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

to Debbie Kelly #1480835

Me too!! ( for the class action)

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