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I noticed that the top of my brown endcap has a greyish color to it.I called a dealer,and they said that Keystone RV is having problems with the paint, and that it is oxidizing.

I have noticed SEVERAL RV's identical to mine, having the same problem. Since there are so many Outbacks like mine, having the same problem, then I think Keystone should stand behind their product/problem and fix them.

Instead Keystone offered me $750.00-$1000.00 towards a new pain job, which is quoted at $2200.00 by the dealership. We should not have to pay any money out of our pockets to fix what Keystone did.

Our Outback is less than 2 years old, I would like to think that a $33,000 RV, would not have this type of problem yet.Since Keystone is not willing to repair our Outback, I ordered a banner to display my displeasure with how Keystone wants to handle THEIR mess.

I will put my banner up in the front yard of everywhere I travel, and camp, which is quite a bit.

Review about: Keystone Rv Repair.

Monetary Loss: $2200.


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I just had my detail man say he would not wash and wax my 2 year old 2015 Keystone Cougar X-Lite because the paint was bad.He explained that it is a common problem with RV's and even worse with brown for some reason.

Not sure what were are going to do because the passenger side and the back have faded so bad even though it was maintained. The side away from the sun has no problem. It is obvious to me that there is something wrong with the paint job or clear coat and I am sure when I take it to a paint shop it will not be a low priced job. So much for RV life!

KEYSTONE should be ashamed of themselves for selling such cheap fiberglass that the clear coat fails.

I have had many rv's over the years and never ever had this happen.Yes, I am pissed to!


I have a 2012 cougar high country the nose and the sides are all chalking the clearcoat is completely gone.


Have same issue with our 2014 Keystone Laredo 5th wheel



Oxidation has to do with clear/gel coat failure, not bad paint.Over the years clear/gel coat will eventually wear off and need to be re-done.

If any vehicle isn't regularly cleaned and waxed the clear/gel coat, it will break down and discolor more quickly.Based on people's reviews it sounds like Keystone put a very thin gel coat over the paint because it should not be wearing off before a 5 year warranty period.


I'm a little late on getting on board with this, but we have a 2014 Outback with the same issue of severe fading on the front dome.I've used the same light Meguires compound that we use on our Rinker cruiser, along with a high quality marine wax.

This didn't help a bit.I guess I'll be calling Forest River or Keystone on Monday.


2014 Premiere 33BHS, same issue - nose cap fading, looks terrible!When I contacted Dealer and then Keystone, same runaround , no help!

If anyone knows of any class actions, please include me.email: iamwtiam@hotmail.com, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Napoleonville, Louisiana, United States #1353451


I have a 2015 passport travel trailer by Keystone with drivers side clearcoat and paint fading. count me in on class action lawsuit.

Jeffersonton, Virginia, United States #1351450

I also have a 2015 Bullet Premier and the front end cap starting fading.I took it to the dealer who advised that it was due to poor prep and undercoating issue causing the problem.

They said they would call Keystone to see if they would repair it along with a water leak with with the back slide out, and awning not properly retracting (dealer said it was not installed correctly). The dealer advised that Jeystone would not cover any of the issues, but I could call, which I did with no luck.

I asked the dealer to cover the issues since they sold the product and they should also stand behind the RV's they sale, but again no luck.I would be very interested in a Class Action Lawsuit (bhutto@natca.net).


Cheshire, Connecticut, United States #1343313

I have a 2015 Bullet Premier with the same faded brown end cap!Had a detail guy buff it out and wax it 3x in 2 years and still looks like junk!

Poor quality control and should be recalled!! I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue!!!!

Class action!!Nwconstantino@gmail.com

Macedon, New York, United States #1337560

Same thing is happening to mine

Keystone told me they will not participate in any repair at all

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1335587

2015 Keystone Laredo

Same Problem.Here is Keystones response; " there is no history of front cap issues"

Good afternoon Mark,


Thank you for contacting Keystone RV in regards to your 2015 Laredo.

In your owner’s manual under the care and maintenance chapter there are tips to remove the discoloration and fading.

With you being a year out of warranty and there is no history of front cap issues KRV will respectfully decline participation in this matter.If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at ownerrelations@keystonerv.com or you can call into our call center at 866-425-4369 Mon-Fri.

Ashland, Kentucky, United States #1317044

We have 2013 Cougar High Country front cap faded now sides are dull looking. Ridiculous to pay almost $50,000.00 for a new camper at the time and for it to fad. You would think they would stand behind their products especially since they know there is a problem.


our trailer has the same issue it has been in the sun for one year and has terrible fading.They knew about the fading and installed it and did not inform us of this issue.

We tried to get it fixed and they said it was out of warranty.So angry!


Same problem.2014 keystone bullet Nose faded and looks horrible.

Want to sell but no one will buy it with the fading nose.m_vandergeest@yahoo.com.

Clovis, California, United States #1290623

My 2014 Outback also has issues.Front Cap Fade.

Very interested in a Class Action.kendog127@yahoo.com

Santa Ana, California, United States #1272510

Any luck with this?

I'll organize people!


Santa Ana, California, United States #1272509

My 2014 looks like *** brown Front cap.Dealership has tried to make it look "better" twice both times failed.

Faded then stickers turned rust orange

Class action suite anybody?Let's get organized!


Paint fading in less than two years has no business being classed as warranty. Without a doubt it is a horribly poor defect on Keystone's part. The bully gets to ram it to the general hard working people once again.

Guelph, Ontario, Canada #1233760

After reading all the comments on here, knowing we are a very small percentage of consumers who have this issue, I propose we band together and present this to Keystone as a manufacture defect and even though only cosmetic , it should be under some consumer protection!

Guelph, Ontario, Canada #1233757

I have a 2914 Bullett Premiere. similar issue, front top fading oxidizing looks horrible

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