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I noticed that the top of my brown endcap has a greyish color to it.I called a dealer,and they said that Keystone RV is having problems with the paint, and that it is oxidizing.

I have noticed SEVERAL RV's identical to mine, having the same problem. Since there are so many Outbacks like mine, having the same problem, then I think Keystone should stand behind their product/problem and fix them.

Instead Keystone offered me $750.00-$1000.00 towards a new pain job, which is quoted at $2200.00 by the dealership. We should not have to pay any money out of our pockets to fix what Keystone did.

Our Outback is less than 2 years old, I would like to think that a $33,000 RV, would not have this type of problem yet.Since Keystone is not willing to repair our Outback, I ordered a banner to display my displeasure with how Keystone wants to handle THEIR mess.

I will put my banner up in the front yard of everywhere I travel, and camp, which is quite a bit.

Review about: Keystone Rv Repair.

Monetary Loss: $2200.


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Same problem 2014 sydney outback knndvdsn8@gmail.com

Clovis, California, United States #1214842

I am also having the same issue with our 2013 Montana High Country 343rl. Looked beautiful the first year, but has faded/chalked since. Contacted Keystone, but got the same response since it's out of the one year warranty...out of luck with them helping us out.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #1212247

Ditto for me too.We have a Premier Bullet that is just 26 months old and have the same fading problem.

So far they are doing nothing for me.I think we should let them know how we feel at the next trailer show.


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Valparaiso, Indiana, United States #1207668

Our is also fading.We have a 2014 5th wheel and keystone denied our claim.

So the dealer is trying to go thru the paint protection I had purchased that is suppose to have a warrany for 5years.I have had so many issues with this RV that I would never recommend a Keystone Product to anyone, not even to my Ex-Wife

Garberville, California, United States #1201913

Yep!Same problem with our Keystone and in less than 2 years.

Now, if we had purchased a new darker colored automobile from a dealership you can bet this type of early fading would be taken care of. These trailers are not inexpensive. Why is Keystone shunning responsibility?

Very frustrating!

I hope your banner influences some would be purchasers.

Keego Harbor, Michigan, United States #1198383

I couldn't agree more.Ours did the same thing.

I am trying to find a class action lawsuit to file a claim.

The dealer did the same to us.We are trying to sell ours now and will have to take a loss because of the fading.

El Paso, Texas, United States #1189775

I have a 2014 Keystone Premiere Bullet 34' with an ugly faded front also . If there is a class action suit count me in also please !

Email address is



I have a 2013 Outback 277LR and the front cap looks like *** !!!!!If there is some type of Class Action Suit I want in !!!!

Everything else looks great except for 3' of the top cap.Topp864@msn.com

to Anonymous #1196236

Me too! 2014 Laredo... Front cap trashed!


same thing on our 2013 Keystone Outback.Contacted them several times only to be told they will not do anything for us.

Unbelievable. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit please contact me.


We even filed a complaint with the BBB.

They contacted us, "reviewed it" again, and said sorry, we aren't going to do anything.

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