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I noticed that the top of my brown endcap has a greyish color to it.I called a dealer,and they said that Keystone RV is having problems with the paint, and that it is oxidizing.

I have noticed SEVERAL RV's identical to mine, having the same problem. Since there are so many Outbacks like mine, having the same problem, then I think Keystone should stand behind their product/problem and fix them.

Instead Keystone offered me $750.00-$1000.00 towards a new pain job, which is quoted at $2200.00 by the dealership. We should not have to pay any money out of our pockets to fix what Keystone did.

Our Outback is less than 2 years old, I would like to think that a $33,000 RV, would not have this type of problem yet.Since Keystone is not willing to repair our Outback, I ordered a banner to display my displeasure with how Keystone wants to handle THEIR mess.

I will put my banner up in the front yard of everywhere I travel, and camp, which is quite a bit.

Review about: Keystone Rv Repair.

Monetary Loss: $2200.


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Yes, same thing on 2015 premier 19 by keystone.Camping world in Kayseville Utah screwed us.

Now we need warranty work done to fix finish on front nose, but after reading all those in the boat, I think i'm up the creek.

Class action, I'm in.

801-920-6941, Utah


I have been asking keystone for over two years to fix the front of my cap.I bought the extended warranty but NOT the paint protection...

I can't even get my dealership to call me back .

We are so disappointed with the complete lack of service.


This what they said about the front end look of our Outback.


Thank you for allowing Keystone RV to review your case, we show that your warranty expired 8/20/2014.At this time we respectfully decline participation on this matter.

Please note; the gel coat that is on your unit is not a manufacturing defect. Below is a little more information for you.

The fiberglass gel-coat layer (not paint) on a cap is very durable, but it may become dull or faded as it weathers. Sun light, heat and moist air combine to oxidize the gel coat surface, fading it and making the surface cloudy. Below is a section from the Keystone owner’s manual which explains the care and maintenance of gel coat fiberglass finish.

We would suggest the options listed below to remove the discoloration from the cap’s surface.In lieu of this maintenance, another option would be to consult with a local fiberglass/paint professional before considering other possible solutions.

Mandeville, Louisiana, United States #1110976

Can someone tell me how to join the Class Action Lawsuit for the paint?2011 Montana High Country 323RL looks terrible, polishing only a temporary help.

Looks like it was cheaply painted and cleared.

Heard it could be that clear was put on prior to paint degassing.Please contact me at aviatorbum@yahoo.com

to Kirk #1215850

Hello I have an attorney that will do a class action lawsuit.I need the people to get it started.

This lawsuit is for Forest River products. Please email me at marilyn3@cox.net so I can give you the email address of the attorney where you need to furnish him with this information Name, email address, phone number, address, year, model and make of your trailer. He has done Lemon Law case against Forest River and has won his case for his client.

We need substantial numbers to have the leverage against Forest River.Forest River Forum removed my post about the lawsuit so I need the help of the people to get the word out



I have a 2015 Laredo did they change the painting of the clearcoat i'm scared!!


Same fading front cap issue with my 2013 Keystone Cougar 333MKS.Top half of the cap looks to be 10+ years old.

Have waxed/buffed last two years with no improvement. Dealer and Keystone are of no help and don't seem to care.

Need a class action suit.

John Woods

University Place, WA


I have a 2013 Bullet Premier it also is fading.Have kept it in a pole barn or covered.

Didn't start fading until a trip to Texas.

They will do nothing.Need class action law suit to wake them up!


Yep!My 2014 Outback is doing the same thing!

Good Grief.

One year old and it looks like it's 10 years old.I will get some help on this one


Same issue but a 2014 Kodiak...great idea about the banner...will post in social media sites as well...

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