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I noticed that the top of my brown endcap has a greyish color to it.I called a dealer,and they said that Keystone RV is having problems with the paint, and that it is oxidizing.

I have noticed SEVERAL RV's identical to mine, having the same problem. Since there are so many Outbacks like mine, having the same problem, then I think Keystone should stand behind their product/problem and fix them.

Instead Keystone offered me $750.00-$1000.00 towards a new pain job, which is quoted at $2200.00 by the dealership. We should not have to pay any money out of our pockets to fix what Keystone did.

Our Outback is less than 2 years old, I would like to think that a $33,000 RV, would not have this type of problem yet.Since Keystone is not willing to repair our Outback, I ordered a banner to display my displeasure with how Keystone wants to handle THEIR mess.

I will put my banner up in the front yard of everywhere I travel, and camp, which is quite a bit.

Review about: Keystone Rv Repair.

Monetary Loss: $2200.


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Add one more.I own a 2013 Keystone Outback 312BH with a 'used to be brown' front cap.

Before seeing this review and all of the subsequent responses, I tried rubbing compound and normal waxes with no luck and then hired a professional RV detailer with his specialized buffers, cleaners, etc. who couldn't make it look any better.

He said he had never seen a two year old cap look so bad.tcwil88@live.com


I also own a '14 Cougar and the front cap is oxidizing. What can we do?

Roger Lawson


PS I will never go near a Keystone product again!

It's been one problem after another and they will not stand behind their product.


We have a 2013 Outbackwith the exact same issue.Camping World says "no way" "not covered by warrant".

Looks horrible.Would be happy to join in on an action against the manufacturer.


2013 Cougar 5th wheel same problem. Looks like ***. A class action lawsuit is the only way Keystone will make this right.


Yes I completely agree!!My 2013 Laredo Brown end cap has completely faded from top down(about 3 feet) and makes my 25,000 trailer look like a 1985 trailer worth 5,000....

Keystone has not agreed to pay for this fading..Will never buy a keystone product again!


I have the same problem with my Outback.Bought it in 2013 and by spring the paint was faded out.

I contacted Keystone and they pushed me over to Camping World who pushed me back to Keystone, who ignored me. It's really bad now. Camping World said it requires a new cap ($4,000). Keystone told me there is a product that poly-gel (or something) that MIGHT help.

What a circle ***.

I've tried polishing, using rubbing compound, bug remover, etc.and my shoulders are worn out from trying stuff.

I'll never buy another Keystone product and will so show my friends.

Burt McGregor

Cadillac, Michigan, United States #1013737

Cadillac Mi here, 312 Outback 2 years old fading bad waiting for dealer to return email, going to email Keystone. Beth McCain


Yes I have a 2013 Laredo and it did the same thing.they just gave me $750 and new decals.It cost me $2000.I love my camper but I will never buy another keystone again. It's too bad.they painted them gray now.they should be made to repaint them all it should of Been a recall,and I tell everybody that tells me I have a nice camper.

to Anonymous #1102492

Can u tell me where to call to get help jvgonz@att.net


I have a 2012 295RE with the entire top of the front cap fading (oxidizing). I have waxed the front 3 times trying to control this. It has not helped and this makes a pretty trailer look like ***!

I will never buy from Keystone again if they do not make this good.

Tom Heuer

Channahon, IL.

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