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Keeping Refrigerator cold and operating while traveling

RE: Montana HC Do you have to have the battery disconnect on and does the inverter have to be on or off


We had this problem with our 2015 Cougar 333mks 5th wheel. Dealer said nothing was wrong brought it in 5 times.

We found the problem. The propane line was about 15 extra feet too long and they had it curled up like a rope and every time we closed it in the propane line was pinched so not getting propane to refrigerator. I cut excess length and secured with cable ties and didn’t have any more problems with it cooling while traveling. But we have had nothing but trouble with our cougar.

Changed 2 converters, 2 refrigerators, 2 TVs 2 coffee pots, awning motor, leveling motor, stereo system, lost everything in refrigerator/freezer twice.

Keystone puts the cheapest converters in there rvs. Hope this works for ya good luck


Is anyone else having issues with tire wear and axles on 2019 keystone 5th wheel campers

In less than 1000 miles we wore out tires, the dealer has had the unit for over 7 months and to date has not figured out the problem We only used it twice and had for less than a month, this is a brand new 2019 Keystone Carbon 347.


Why would a dealer allow a defective unit to be sold as NEW?

The problems had to exit in plain view prior to being delivered to the customer. When we notified the salesman that we were going to put a “stop payment” on the check, he indicated that we would be committing an act of theft. How is that any different from taking our money and giving us a piece of ***



what is the number i need to use on the portal on parts that just off our stock like silicone, great stuff ect.


Pin weight

I brought A 2018 Montana 375fl last year and I own A Ram 2500 diesel 6.6 fr bed people tell me that it might be to heavy for my bed I know It can tow it. My dealer told me I’m fine and so do most people what is your opinion


Pin box

I have a 2018 keystone hideout 315 I bought a pullright super glide fifth wheel hitchAnd I have to use their capture plat do you know what kind a pin box I have and the measurements


Power converter location

Where is the power converter for Laredo 2017 334re?


Touch up paint

I have a 2016 Cougar X-lite 28RLS and would like to get some touch up paint. Is this available ?


2016 passport 3320

Rubber wipers on all 3 slides are torn inside and out bought warranty they won’t cover it says they are weather strips I would like new seals and instructions on how to replace them



Just got 2019 17'hideout. Paneling inside is all the same, even in the shower, is this paneling all waterproof or is it going to start deteriorate when getting wet by showering.


Missing mirror

I just bought a 2018 keystone 369bhs from camping world in Grain Valley, Kansas City, mo I recently was looking at other 369bhs campers online and noticed they all have a mirror on the left side of the wall above the light switch. My camper has no mirror and was wondering if my camper was supposed to come with one? I’ve looked through your website and cannot find anywhere that it’s an option to get the mirror when buying or building one so I assume that mine should have one like all the rest I’ve seen


a 5th wheel

I have a Montana fifth wheel I thought they were insulated my water lines are frozen why


2018 Triton Voltage, 3551 garage floor.

How thick is the garage floor and is it plywood?


Keystone bullet premier 24rkpr and 29rkpr

Can you give me the square footage of the above travel trailers? That is with slides extended.

Trying to decide on which to buy. Thanks!



Can I install skid wheels on my new 2018 Montana 3130RE fifth wheel without voiding the warranty? And can these cause damage when backing up my uphill drive?


Peeling decals

Dear sirs, I have contacted customer service about my peeling decals and was basically told " sorry it is your problem". Well if you will not help me with this ugly problem by replacing the peeling decals could you please tell me the best way to remove the decals and the glue.

I am 71 years young with a 7 year old Cougar 5th wheel that is starting to look older than me. I think Keystone should be embarrassed having their products look like this.

Once again, please help me with the best way to remove the peeling decals and glue. Thanks, ROB O.


Touch-up Paint

I have a 2013 Keystone Hornet M-23RB. I scratched up the lower aluminum painted "J-Skirting".

Would like to touch it up if I could.

Do you sell touch-up paint? Thank you.


Why won't you cover faulty paint

We have a 2014 Keystone Laredo that has faulty paint on the cap. You had it repainted in July of 2015, the exact same thing is happening again.

No fault of ours and clearly a paint problem. I would appreciate some help.


front end skirt

I have a 2013 Laredo. I want to know if it is feasible to put a skirt around the front and how to best attach it.


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