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I have a 2017 brand new keystone hideout 272 and I purchased this trailer in april 2018 . from day one i've noticed how poorly it is constructed.

for example the "cheap tarp" bottom is ripping every where which comes as no surprise, there was part of a wiring harness hanging out of one of the frame holes under the trailer,the power wires had exposed copper that had already turned green, not to mention THEY WERE LIVE with 120VAC on them!!! no marrette joints.. no tape , they used spray foam around the piping and electrical lines that go in and out of the bottom of the trailer and now this spray foam is coming off as one big chunk because it obviously doesn't stick TO TARP!!! so there are large gaps that I can see insulation now....great passage way for mice BTW.

on our first trip with the trailer we got an hour out of town and noticed the moulding around the wheel wells was "flapping" sure enough none of the screws they used hit any material on the inside..the screws went through the moulding and into nothing! . the 12 volt power distribution right near the battery (mounted on trailer frame) is already rotten....not to metion it looks like fred flinstone used a hammer and a *** brick to crimp the wires. third trip out had more power issues ...surprise surprise!

groundfaultsomewhere in the trailer,found a broken ground wire going to the slide out, the propane hotwater tank never light up the first time and then a loud "swoosh" on second time around ..everytime!.. a rip in the cushion of the couch from brand new but it was hidden of course , its one thing after another , this trailer is total GARBAGE! I don't even know how it passes safety laws because its definitely falling apart and without a doubt will only get worse with time.

the worst part of this is that none of this is exaggerated .. so disgusted with your product keystone ....never again.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Yes and guess who owns Keystone! THOR!!!!

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