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So..we found our dinningroom/livingroom slide floor is totally rotted. Found it coming from bottom corners..not seal up top..not windows..sent them pictures..they found one seal up top and said..its worn.

The evidence clearly shows the water came from bottom corners where they NEVER USED ANY SELANT during manufacturing. Even the rv repair shop owner says its clearly been leaking since day one. Yet they denied us help. Nobody should have to by an expensive unit and rebuild it.

So we have an 80,000 coach and its a rotten pos. Going to cost us 12,000 + to fix it. I think we all need a class action suit!

I have my pictures..clearly ahowing where water and rott starts..and..the relair shop owner. If your interested.. get action!

Product or Service Mentioned: Keystone Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Welcome to our world. 2014 Keystone Fuzion 342TH.

So far, both main slide & bedroom slide floors replaced due to water intrusion rot. We were told that main slide was caused by water splashing up from underneath and bedroom slide was because the bottom drip channel where floor attaches was never calked thereby directing all water under our bed when slide out in rain and in addition, neither floor was sealed at factory. The fix was $6000 to remove both of the slides and put new floors in. Front air conditioning seal leaked causing water infiltration under the roof membrane, which then bubbled up, tore and of course rotted the roof deck so that was $7200 to strip the roof & replace a 4X8 sheet of rotten plywood, then put on a new roof.

We have, in our opinion, an absolutely worthless extended warranty from “Cornerstone” as it does not cover anything dealing with water with water intrusion being a named exclusion. With the trailer now being 5 years old from its original build date, there is no recourse back to Keystone so we are left with crazy expensive repair bills and holding the Lemon. We are Attempting to make lemonade out of the lemon, but so far all we have is sour lemons. Are we pissed, you bet!

With the major repairs at $15K including a new axel due to a bent spindle, this 5th wheel is a nightmare. Will we ever buy another trailer?

Thats doubtful as this money pit has turned us off on the industry in totality due to lack of quality, quality control, sub par building materials and industrybaccountability. What is the saying, “screw us once, shame on you - Screw us twice, shame on us.”


We have had a similar problem with water seeping in the bottom corners of our slide. We noticed the problem at the beginning of our second season.

The dealership and manufacturer said that it was poor maintenance on our part. I have no idea how we were supposed to know that water would seep in the bottom corners of the slide. We addressed the issue as soon as we became aware that there was leakage and made the repair ourselves.

We have been vigilant in watching to be sure that we have no more leaking. This year the problem has returned and we are at a loss as to how we can fix this problem permanently.

to Anonymous #1584005

Replace any rot and seal! They wont atand behins their disgusting workmanship.

Our other slide has a leak will be evwn more money. We are going to try and fix it since its small and seal it every so often. As much as we pay for these things it shouldn't happen.

It is not your fault. Should get a class action suit against these manufacturers.

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