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I bought a 2015 5th Wheel toy hauler (Carbon).We had numerous small issues that required returns to the dealer (and the associated wait time) to be repaired, but were not successfully completed.

Summer 2015, the RV roof became loose in front and was "ballooning" up in the wind. It cut itself on the AC frame. I caught it early, managed to patch it, and took it into the dealer. Keystone offered no resolution for getting it home or keeping it out of the rain.

If you search, you'll see that the roof membrane coming "up" from the roof has happened before. Typical (mentioned) repairs from keystone are: * Offering to remove the stretched area and "patch" the roof - this repair will void the manufacturer warranty of the roof material and is not an approved repair per Alpha TPO (material manufacturer). * A re-roof. Keystone does not apparently pay "market rates" for RV repairs and will not authorize a roof deck replacement so repair results are "mixed".

The factory roof deck is OSB, not plywood, so when the old membrane is pulled up, it typically pulls up some OSB material. Alpha TPO requires a "smooth" deck to re-apply / re-glue material and Keystone does not cover this. In our case, I offered to pay "additionally" to have the roof done correctly, but my dealer did not replace the OSB. The resulting roof shows the pulled up OSB, etc and is obviously a non-factory repair - which, I believe causes a loss of value.

The roof has glue staining, staples pushing up on the membrane, and obvious non-smooth surface under the TPO. * Our sides kept binding in their cut-outs, slicing seals, and girding metal-on-metal. Dealer tried to adjust them several times without success. 4 repair attempts to date.

* All the LED lights failed in the first 60 days. Keystone requested that we take it to a dealer when on the road. Note, non-selling Keystone dealers are not under any obligation to service an RV quickly. Keystone would not ship parts to owners.

We replaced the lights ourselves. All in all, the first year of ownership, the RV spent more than 180 days in for service. The dealer could not fix the slides, did a sub-standard roof repair (at Keystones direction) and has several other issues that they simply did not resolve. The roof issues (post repair) were not covered as they were "cosmetic" and the roof did not leak.

There are exclusions for cosmetic repairs in Keystone's warranty. That is, if they fix it and it works, it doesn't matter if it is ugly. To resolve, I had to hire legal representation - Keystone finally sent a representative to the dealer to look at the RV and Keystone agreed to a "factory" repair. The slide openings were squared/fixed.

The roof was replace (again) with a new factory deck, and minor issues resolved. It took more than a year to get these issues resolved and was ONLY possible with representation. A factory return meant unpacking the RV (no small feat) and having it ready to travel. Travel back to Indiana incurred tolls.

The license plate and batteries were missing upon return. Dealer replaced the batteries. Thor (owns Keystone) is the largest RV manufacturer out there. If dealers want to sell their product, they agree to repair factory defects at Keystone's authorized repair rate.

Lots of factory defects are passed on to end dealers, who are under-paid (not market rates) to resolve the issues. As such, dealers may incur long wait times to have issues resolved as they can make money with non-warranty or non-Keystone-warranty (think Grand Design) rates. Once Keystone pays a dealer for a repair it is considered "resolved" (Keystone will not pay again) and provides no alternatives or alternate dealers on multiple repair attempts. They simply indicate that you need to take it back to the dealer to re-try the repair.

Further exacerbating things with Keystone - line staff is paid by the unit, not by the hour. That is, the faster they crank RVs out on the line, the sooner they can go home. See Glass Door for employee reviews and indications of line conditions. Keystone does employ QA staff.

If you expect good after-the-sale service and factory support, do NOT buy a Keystone.If you think your extended warranty will "cover it" - beware, it may not cover factory defects that are unrepaired.

Review about: Keystone Rv Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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