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I bought a new 2015 Keystone RV Fuzion 371 fifth wheel this fall. Before I even got it parked at home, the front slide had a cable fall off and the slide and cable broke. This happened because the retainers for the cable (simple rubber grommet) were not properly installed and the retainer fell out allowing the cable to fall out. Then the cables bound up and broke and tore a mount off the slide. Keystone wanted me to drive it back 175 miles to my dealer with the slide hanging out to have it repaired. I just drove from the dealer the day before. This was only the beginning of a very long list of assembly and workmanship related problems. Keystone RV customer service can't even honestly be called "customer service". I recommend everyone stay away from their products!!

list of problems:

1. Improperly installed slide cable retainers, grommets, which are also a poor design to begin with, resulting in physical damage to the slide and broken cables that required dis-assembly of the wardrobe cabinet to repair. Now the cabinet has permanent flaws (nail holes, etc.) from the work.

2. Insufficient calking on the roof. Required calking repair/resealing.

3. No edge trim on rear step flashing. The front step has it.

4. Improper mounts on TV sound bar. Bar came loose in original trip home gouging the cabinet top. Permanent damage. Proper mounts were missing. Dealer replaced the sound bar with one with proper mounts but did not associate it with the sub-woofer hidden in the utility area of lower storage compartment behind screwed in wall dividers. I had to take apart the trailer to gain access and re-associate the sub-woofer. The location is poor and makes the sub-woofer pretty inefficient and it needs a new location closer to and within the living quarters anyway.

5. Trim throughout the trailer is de-laminating the paper.

6. Paper trim is puckered around all AC vent cover corners.

7. Drain pipe broke to bathroom shower, flooding basement storage area. The Drain was misaligned from the factory and forced together. This caused stress on the fitting that broke. I had to repair buy cutting the 1-1/2 inch pvc pipe and installing an offset and then replacing the broken fitting. Of course I had to disassemble the storage area dividers, mop up all the water. Dry the dividers in another building. Reassemble. I also vacuumed up all the debris left behind by manufacturing and dressed the unsupported cables and wiring as best i could. The factory workmanship is sloppy at best and lacks almost all normal care and pride in workmanship.

8. Furnace thermostat is inoperable, not because the thermostat is bad, but because it is mounted on a wall that is used for a heat duct to warm pipes. The warmth of the wall interferes with proper operation of the thermostat. I have no solution for this yet except to leave the thermostat hanging out of the wall about 3' and draped over a step stool to get it away from the heat source.

9. The converter was bad from the factory tripping ground fault circuits to the trailer and had to be replaced.

10. Wiring in the trailer is not properly supported or dressed. This will lead to repeated and ongoing electrical related problems.

11. The TV antenna wobbles in the wind causing a rattling noise. I disassembled and added tape to make the fit snug and reassembled.

Overall the components used to build the trailer seem to be of decent quality. It is the poor workmanship, lack of care in manufacturing and assembly, and complete lack of customer support that should scare you away. It appears the manufacturer just doesn't care. They obviously have an internal management problem and their employees just don't care. They put you off and quote things like all service must be performed by an authorized dealer, but the dealers are often far away and they can't get you service in a reasonable period of time. It costs you more to take your trailer to the dealer in both time and money than to just fix the problems yourself. All you want is some knowledge assistance and some technical information to help you fix the problems and a promise that when you can get it to a dealer your problems will be fully resolved and they just don't care. Warranties are useless unless a major expensive component fails. Then, plan on being without your expensive RV for a LONG time, and likely return trips to get everything fixed correctly. Buyer Beware big time.

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $5000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Keystone Rv and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about keystone rv rv from Keystone Rv was poor quality control, customer service and warranty service , but reviewer liked floor layout. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada #1094048

It sounds like you were in a rush to pick up your new unit and maybe took it that day.Every reputable RV dealer does a very comprehensive PDI to ensure every item works and functions properly.

Now some dealers charge a fee for this.

Some people feel that the unit is new and therefore everything should work, not always the case.

Break down, travel the 175 miles and have the selling dealer fix it.Its simple, don't whine about the distance, you went that far to get it in the first place

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