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Interstitial Space was not inspected!

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 Interstitial Spaces: Investigate via destructive testing and/or deconstruction, the condition of the interstitial spaces

and insulation materials of the RV trailer to look for signs of water staining/damage and/or visible mold growth. If

water staining/damage and/or visible mold growth is observed on any insulation or building materials, the affected

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building materials should be cleaned/treated, as applicable; if the affected materials cannot be cleaned/treated, they

should be replaced.

 Interior of RV Trailer: Clean and inspect the HVAC system. The cleaning/inspection should be performed by a

licensed HVAC contractor familiar with RV HVAC system cleaning and maintenance. As an alternative, conduct

airborne mold sampling while HVAC system is in use to investigate airborne mold spore levels while the HVAC

system is in use

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