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Me and my family were very excited to purchase our first new travel trailer. We have owned two pre owned prior to this one.

We went with the 27le because it fit all of our needs. I left the dealership with a smile but that did not last long. Once we pulled into our driveway we found that the upper bunk blind had just fallen off. The bedroom door had also come off the track.

We chalked it up as small items at this point. We packed everything up and got ready for our first trip in our BRAND NEW CAMPER. We went for a 4 day camp. once we arrived at our campsite we got everything set up.

That night as I was tucking in my two daughters I leaned down to tell them goodnight and sat on the dinette bed and the whole thin collapsed. I turned to my daughter and she had about 50 sharp staples sticking out behind her while she was panicking from the fall. Once I got her out of the way I realized that the support board (or cardboard) should I say had completely come off on both sides exposing the sharp staples. luckily (for them) she didn't get hurt.

At this point we didn't even want to use the dinette because they could stab their legs while eating. So on the first night of using now we cant even eat at the table. When we got home I contacted the dealership where we purchased the camper and they said it would be two to three weeks before they could even look at it.>>>Im sorry but I literally just purchased this thing and it almost impaled my daughter.... You would think they would be a little more prompt.

They told me "if you plan to use the camper before then you should just do the repair yourself and bring it in when you can leave it for a while"???!!! So I did just that fixed the blinds and the dinette bed and we wend for our second trip. This is where the awning failed. We got to our campsite and moved the awning out.

When you release the button it is supposed to lock into place. Mine does not! It would continue to roll out to the full extension. I though no biggie until it was time to leave.

When we were loaded and ready to leave I pulled in the awning and it wouldn't stay locked completely. Tried again and again with the same outcome. I strapped it because I am now fearful that I will be driving down the road and the awning will rip off the side of the dang camper. I shouldn't have to strap the awning on a brand new camper!

So with this and several other items now like noticing that the table itself wasn't mounted correctly, trim pieces all throughout were never stapled fully, metal siding bowing out at speeds over 45mph., you could say I am not a fan of Keystone campers.

Lord knows I would have lost my mind had my daughter actually been stabbed by the stables holding the bed up.

I just wish there was a brand out there that was better than the other. At this point with the reviews I have read there is no such thing as a "well built" travel trailer anymore.

I will update once we go through the repair process. Keystone you have failed to produce a safe and family friendly product!

Product or Service Mentioned: 2018 Keystone Rv Hornet Hideout 27Le Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We have a 2015 Passport that is made out of junk. The wires in hot water heater relay box burned up as we slept.

Our dog alerted us something was wrong. We ran outside and unplugged the RV. It was the hot water heater. They would not fix it because i disconnected the wires.

I had pictures and the wire and they refused the repair. So I rebuilt the cabinet and put in a small hot water heater in. It work 100% better than that piece of junk. Problem #2 Soft floor Our Rv floor has failed it sags an inch in places.

I have lost my balance stepping on the wrong place loosing my footing that is how bad it is. So I set up appointment for service and to have the floor fixed. They had 2 months notice. They told me it would be week and half to two weeks.

In one week they called and said it was serviced but they had not talk to keystone about the floor. I drove a hundred twenty miles to get the work done. So they tell me when they figure it out with keystone they will let me know so I can bring it back to have the floor fixed. I had plans to go fishing in southern Oregon the end of September.

They care nothing about the service they promised during the sales pitch. I have another 8 items that I have repaired myself. Bad plumbing Bad light fixtures Trim falling off. Now when I picked the RV up they found shorts in the 12 volt cables from the batteries.

The shell on the back of the RV has a bulge because its delaminated from the wall. This RV has been a nightmare I am fixing it up and selling it and building my own. Now I look at most RVs and they are all built out of junk. Advise - Do not purchase an RV, stay in resorts it is cheaper in the long run.

Does anyone know the process to sue keystone ? I do not feel safe in my RV and it is only three years old.

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