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I purchased a 2015 Dutchman Voltage from Camping World in Las Vegas 1-10-2015. I was spending the winter in Needles RV Marina which is 90 miles from Las Vegas.

When I picked the unit up we had trouble with the electric brakes working. They thought they had it fixed but on the way to Needles from Vegas they quit working. There is a RV repair in Fort Mojave, Arizona 5 miles from the Needles RV Park. I called camping world to see if I could use the service to repair whatever was wrong with the brakes under my 1 year warranty.

They said no I would have to drive it all the way back to Vegas without brakes. I had it fixed my self, thanks a bunch Camping World.

Upon returning to my residence in Okla. I discovered the the back two tires on the right side were worn slick from the outside to the middle of the tire. I took it to Dave's RV in Claremore, OK.

for warranty service. After not receiving any word from them a month later I called and they said they could not find anything wrong with my axles, that I should take it to Tulsa Auto Spring to get it fixed. I ask about the warranty and they told me that I could take that up with Tulsa Auto Spring and Keystone when I got there. I called Keystone about that and they said no that they would call Dave's RV and have them take some pictures and send them and then get back with me.

After two weeks and no reply I called Keystone and they informed me that they had not received the pictures. I called Dave

's RV to see if they had sent any pictures and they said no that they were to busy and I could just come and pick up my trailer.

I did pick itup and had Tulsa Auto Spring look at it and the back two axles were towed in 1/4" causing the tire wear. I sent the invoice to Keystone with pictures of the tires and two months later I am still getting the runaround from Keystone.

This person wrote the review because of warranty issue of 2015 dutchmen voltage from Keystone Rv and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $365 and wants Keystone Rv to issue a full refund.

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #1178950

As an Experienced RV Dealer employee. (Not keystone or this dealer) I have a comment.

What Keystone and ALL other RV manufacturers want you believe is you are at fault for this problem.

They will tell you that the only way that this can happen is that You hit a curb or similar object and bent the axles.

The truth is that axles are built to just barely do the job, if the trucker that hauled your trailer from the manufacturing plant to the dealer was a little careless.

OR the Dealer lot guy cranked your trailer to hard moving it on the lot.


End of the day Wheel alignment is specifically not covered by warranty so they don't have to pay for a legitimate problem.


After weeks of sending pictures to Keystone that they requested. They gave me an address to send them to and they were sent back.

I called them as for the reason of not accepting the pictures and they stated I had the wrong address. They were the one that gave me the address. Next I sent them to another address as registered mail and they did take them. Only to tell me I did not do the pictures properly and would have to take some more.

I finally confronted them about just shining me on an stalling until I gave up. They pretty much admitted that was the case.

I gave up and told them to stick it where the sun did not shine. What a worthless bunch of bums.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1061408

There is a little known Federal Law called the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. If you have had your tt or 5th wheel in the shop more than 3x for the same thing, and have spent more thaan 25.00, this law applies.

look it up.

my hubby and I are looking to buy a 5th wheel, and were looking at a Cougar,and this site saved me from that mistake! hope I could help

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