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Brand new unit has had so much go wrong. Customer service sucks...

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I’m with you Bought a brand new Keystone Premiere less than 2 years ago. It has suffered plumbing leaks, roof leaks that I am still chasing to this day, and an a/c failure at less than a year.

Have taken it back to Camping World Chattanooga more than once and just like you customer no service is almost useless. Best I can do is try to make repairs in my own


Keystone RV recently reviewed your post. In an attempt to review all details, please contact us directly with the last 8 digits of your VIN, and your contact information.

Or, if you would like, you can verify the last 8 digits of your VIN on here, and we can look up your information and contact you directly. You may also reach us Monday through Thursday 8am-5pm & Fridays 8am-4pm, all times EST.

Our Owner Relations Team number is 1-866-425-4369. Thank you.


2014 Keystone sprinter update!! I have talked about the SHODDY workmanship AND TERRIBLE design of my the rear wall of my 2014 Sprinter.

ADD to that to NON-EXISTENT customer service , and you get a company that , I really don't know how they sleep at night !! They STEAL the , sometimes, life savings of people for JUNK PRODUCTS !! MISTY the supervisor of customer service is TOTALLY WORTHLESS !! I don't know WHAT she is supervising cause they HAVE NO customer service !!

So I have decided to try to salvage my unit myself !! I am lucky in that my neighbor used to work for the Keystone factory and we are doing it together. HE TRIED to warn me off of buying a Keystone in the first place but, of course I would not listen !! So the first step was to remove the vertical corner molding that holds the corners together.

Remember when Keystone INSISTED there was NO WOOD in the rear wall ?? The corner is screwed to a cheap piece of fir 2x2 ( not even P.T. ) that runs up and down the vertical corner. That piece of wood is screwed to a vertical 1/2 " square steel tube, FLIMSY at best !!

That wood is like a piece of sponge, BECAUSE some one at the factory did a TERRIBLE job sealing that molding and water got down inside the channel and got into the wood via all the screw holes. This DID NOT get like this overnight !! It became obvious that this has been going on for years and started right from the factory !! AGAIN due to POOR design AND REALLY POOR workmanship !!

What is REALLY SAD is that KEYSTONE KNOWS that when they SCREW-UP like they did here, it take YEARS to become a failure !! THAT IS WHY they only give you a 1 year warranty !! It is sad that they are allowed to do this to people !! Our Plan is to slightly pry open the corner, remove all that old punky wood, replace it with a 2x4 P.T.

stud and then cover the corner with a new piece of aluminum angle.

My neighbor has done this several times and insists it will be a better design and come out better than new. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

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